Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Service

For over 150 years, Special Orders have been a tradition at Louis Vuitton, who take pride in fulfilling a traveler’s most exceptional requests like helping them to satisfy a specific need, express their individuality, or realise a dream.

Louis Vuitton has always offered personalisation services such as hot-stamping one’s initials onto a wide selection of soft leathergoods and accessories or hand-painting one’s initials onto hard-sided luggage. Taking this one step further, Louis Vuitton is proposing a new way to personalise a monogram bag and really make it one’s own.

Since 2008, Louis Vuitton proposes a new personalisation concept: Mon Monogram. With Mon Monogram, it is possible to create and own a truly unique bag by personalising one of two Louis Vuitton icons – the Speedy handbag and the Keepall travel bag and both of these in all sizes. And starting on 1 June 2009, this service will also be extended to the iconic Pégase 55 suitcase in both classic and business versions.

Creating a Mon Monogram piece. Mon Monogram Pégase.

A set of two-tone initials of up to three letters, either vertical or diagonal stripes, or a combination of both initials and stripes can be chosen from a range of 17 different colours resulting in more than 200 million possible combinations per bag.

Customers can visualise exactly how their bag will look via an in-store computer simulation. Once their choice has been made their order is then sent directly to one of the Louis Vuitton workshops where their personalised unique Monogram bag is created and hand assembled. The fabrication of the Mon Monogram can take from six to eight weeks. Mon Monogram personalization is currently offered in around 100 Louis Vuitton flagship stores worldwide.

If interested in this service, call your nearest Louis Vuitton store and ask if they offer Mon Monogram. Telephone numbers of all the stores can be found at louisvuitton.com. The prices of each piece are as follows:

Speedy 25 – $970.00
Speedy 30 – $1,000.00
Speedy 35 – $1,030.00
Speedy 40 – $1,060.00

Keepall 45 – $1,350.00
Keepall 50 – $1,380.00
Keepall 55 – $1,410.00
Keepall 60 – $1,440.00

Keepall 45 with shoulder strap – $1,610.00
Keepall 50 with shoulder strap – $1,640.00
Keepall 55 with shoulder strap – $1,670.00
Keepall 60 with shoulder strap – $1,700.00

Pegase 55 – $3,230.00
Pegase 55 Business – $3,860.00

Mon Monogram Keepall

Mon Monogram Speedy

Courtesy images via Louis Vuitton


  • oskarsobsession

    I'd REALLLLLLLLY like it if they did some in Damier & Damier Azur pieces

  • Gio

    But is this going to be a free service like hot stamping, or..?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve received my monogram speedy 40 today! Im in love…

  • oskarsobsession

    gio, no I believe you have to pay about 30% more

  • Bengt

    ^ I just posted the price list. 😀

  • Simone

    Oh My God!! O__O

  • Anonymous

    Who's the model? She's so pretty!

  • Bengt

    ^ She's Edita Vilkevičiūtė. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone knows if the Pegase 55 Business is coming out in the Damier Graphite range??

  • Bengt

    ^ Damier Graphite Pegase only comes in size 60, and there's no news of a 55 coming out any time soon. Let's just wait and see. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    where can i buy this?

  • Anonymous

    can I add mon monogram to Artsy GM and how much?

  • Bengt

    ^ As mentioned in the post, Mon Monogram is only available in the following pieces: Speedy, Keepall and Pegase.

  • nicole

    Just picked up my mon monagram speedy 40 and love love love it…. worth the wait. Mine took 4 months. Cant wait to order more pcs.

  • Badj

    I really want one but they don't have that service here in Riyadh…any advice? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Badj you can order the mon monogram items online at louisvuitton.com

  • Vumilia

    who the model with the girl ?

  • Anonymous

    Guys i am currently writing my thesis on “mon monogram”. i think that it can be the solution to the problem of vulgarization of Louis Vuitton classic bags. what do you think? Do you feel the personalized one to be enough different from the classic one? Do you feel finally really unique with it? Thanks for the comments!!

    • Anonymous

      I live in Jersey very close to NY.I had always wanted a Louis but kept from buying it due to the knock off epidemic.I was looking on the site when stumbled upon the Mon Monogram. I knew that was my chance . This is a truly genius idea and can’t imagine buying a Louis any other way.I ordered the speedy 35. Can’t wait!