Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation – Richard Prince Exhibition Area

My friends know that I’m a VERY BIG fan of Richard Prince and when I first heard about this exhibition, I literally have gone cuckoo. I was actually set to go to Hong Kong (which is like 2 hours flight from here in the Philippines) on June 3rd but then with the wise advice of my friends regarding my priorities, I decided to cancel the trip to be able to save money for my education. If somebody’s willing to sponsor, I’m totally open for offers. *blush*

But to those who are die hard fans of Louis Vuitton and Richard Prince who could just jump on a plane to HK anytime, this area from the exhibit is probably heaven on Earth, or in this case, Hong Kong… you should definitely go! Why you ask? Pictures paint a thousand words:

OMG! I’m hyperventilating just on the first pic. More after the jump…

Courtesy images via Louis Vuitton


  • Bengt


  • LVMode

    Amazing, I think I am going!!

    Now who were them darn friends that told you not to go!! 🙂

  • Bengt

    ^ I wonder who. But I’m really really thankful for them for their advice. Hehehe.. ;p

    M, please go and bring home one of the paintings! LOL.. Hide it on your shirt.. Hahaha..

  • robinthefrench

    Dude, GO!!!! This is a 1 in a lifetime opportunity that will never happen again. You have all your life to finish your studies!
    Just saying… :]

  • renier

    i agree with robinthefrench. HONESTLY.

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore

    When you told me you were going I was all excited for you, seeing how you live and breathe LV. Yes saving money is important and all, but some experiences in life are never to be missed…

  • Bengt

    Robin, Renier, and BB.. Thanks for your advice..
    I’ll try my hardest to be able to go. Hopefully, I’ll be able to.. 😀

  • befashionlike

    When he come in France.

  • Richard Prince Books


    I'd go if I were you. I met Prince in London last year and he is so interesting to talk to. His London show 'Continuation' had just been sponsored by LV and I asked what his plans were in the future with them. He replied with a smile saying 'you just don't know what the future holds!' He signed a Prince / LV design postcard for me if you are interested.

    Visit my site and email me there.