New Colors in Surya

Louis Vuitton has added two new colors to the glossy Surya XL bags: the Cherry and Grey. These new colors are set to be released on June 2008.

The Grey looks like black in the photo, no? Maybe it would look like charcoal grey in real life. Anyways, along with these new colors Vuitton would also release a new size to the Surya, the L. So watch out for that.

Close up pics after the jump…

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • cat


  • Anonymous

    Are these pre-fall color? Not very good color for Summer…

    Too early to release!

  • Anonymous

    Are there going to be any other colors besides black released in size L? I absolutely love the gray Surya but am wondering if the XL is too big for me as I am a small person.