First Look: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Ad Campaign

Here’s the real deal!

To be honest, I don’t like this at all.
Its over-photoshopped beyond reality.
She looks like a stiff doll, like a wax sculpture from Madame Tussauds.
Like a computer game character rather than a real person.
No emotion at all.

Check out her right hand. There’s a line thingy that looks like her hand is detachable, like a mannequin!
Is that the concept?
Now, I really want Mert & Marcus back.
Or keep Meisel and use real models.

According to Madonna Tribe:

“MadonnaTribe has just received some fresh info about the upcoming Louis Vuitton campaign featuring Madonna who was photographed by Steven Meisel for their Autumn/Winter 2009 collection in New York on April 29 under the artistic direction of Marc Jacobs.

We’ve been told that the result of this new collaboration is once again simply stunning but most importantly for those who were worried about this “Part Deux” it looks very different from the Spring campaign and has a completely original feel.

Madonna’s look in the new images will be basically the one you’re all familiar with thanks to the MET gala: long boots, a few variations of dresses mainly in blue and magenta, and this year’s Vuitton’s signature bunny ears.

Madonna is always wearing gloves and in every image she holds a different bag from the new collection of the French maison. She’s portrayed leaning on a sofa and seated on an armchair, with a heavy, plain curtain in the background. This time there is no set location at all – the atmosphere is a bit dark and definetly intimate.

One interesting part is that each image is digitally enhanced with colorizing effects that somehow recall the high-dynamic range photography, giving to the new campaign an absolutely contemporary yet timeless vibe.

From what we understand up to seven different images – spanning from close-ups to american-shot compositions – will be released in the August 2009 issue of fashion magazines worldwide coming out next month.”

Image via Absolument Madonna


  • Sabina

    i think the line on her hand is the red kabbalah string she always wears.. but yeah, i totall agree, the ad has no emotions, very boring, i was expecting something much more interesting and exciting!

  • kellylough

    Madonna actually looks half decent for once her face is softened in this pic. I agree with you Bengt, the whole photo is very over-photoshopped. It looks like a robot has been plonked on the chair. I think its her kabbalah band that is making her hand look detachable – thats something they should have photoshopped out.

  • Anonymous

    This is so sad..

  • cess

    After seeing this, I think Marc learned his lesson: never get Madonna again.. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought that this is an ad for Adobe Photoshop, and not for Vuitton.. hahahaha..

  • Bengt

    They should have used a mannequin that looks like Madonna rather than pay millions to have Madonna look like a mannequin.. LOL

    I don't think its Madonna's fault that the ad looks like this, she just did her job.

  • Anonymous

    ^ Its Steven Meisel's fault! LOL

  • LVMode

    I agree 100% with you Bengt.

  • Anonymous

    People keep telling that Mert and Marcus overdo photoshop, but WTF is this?

    I'd rather see a wrinkled Madonna than this alien we see right now..

  • Mary

    One word…. Disappointed!

  • Anonymous

    reference to cess's comments. i think its not madonna's fault. we all seen her stunning photoshoot last season, was amazing. but this. is. huh?

  • Bengt

    If the campaign's concept is Louis Vuitton Barbie doll, I'd truly understand the whole thing. I'd understand why Madonna is so stiff and overdone and why Meisel chose to have the campaign's mood reminiscent to Tamara de Lempicka's artworks. I might like this after all. I can't wait to see the other photos..

  • Anonymous

    ^ You've got a point.. I just hope that the concept is really 'barbie doll'..

  • Kevin @ myMANybags

    it's really over-photoshopped that it looked really fake. I really hope their idea was a mannequin like you interpreted. But if the line on the hand suggests that, then why doesn't the neck area has a line as well.

    My god…this is not Madonna…this is like some alien.

  • cintiacastaldi

    Loved! I think the idea was that she looked like a doll or a painting. She is beautiful anyway.

  • Anonymous

    what's with the red string..utterly hideous plz madonna no kabbalah for the ad campaign

  • Kabbalah

    Beautiful picture. She looks like a doll.