Happy 1st Birthday ILVOELV!!!

I honestly didn’t feel the year pass by. Now, ILVOELV has existed in the interwebs for a year. And within that year, I was able to diversify a random LV fan blog managed by a bored 17 year old a.k.a myself *coughs* into what it is today.. a still rather random LV fan blog but with the addition of thousands (?) of really lovely readers with whom I share the same passion with; fashion, art, and Louis Vuitton.

I’d like to thank everyone who visited the site, especially also those who were there since the beginning. Those who I torture with my rants and silly stories, those who I have been friends with along the way. Thanks to everyone for your support.

It has been a really fun experience. there are stuff that are really memorable and there are things that I can’t remember but its alright a-alright just dance. Gonna be okay da-da-doo-doo-mm just dance, spin that record babe, da-da-doo-doo-mm just dance. Squeek squeek squeek, break it down, yo!

Big hugs and a million flying kisses,

P.S. The cake tastes really good even though it doesn’t look good in the photo. I love the marshmallow toppings. Special thanks to Shin who paid for it. Hahaha. 😡

Image via Bengt for ILVOELV


  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday to ILVOELV! keep up the good work.. and just dance! LOL

  • Cinds

    Congrats! Happy Birthday! Just Dance! Hehehe, you're so funny Bengt..


  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday to your blog! I really love it..

  • LVMode

    Congratulations & happy 1st birthday Bengt.

    It has been a real honor & privilege getting to know you over the past 12 months. You're a treasure.


  • Anonymous

    Wow! has it been a year already?!

  • Amanda Allison

    Yay! Happy Birthday I LVOE LV! I've enjoyed your blog for many, many months. From one Louis Vuitton lover to another, I appreciate and thank you for keeping me updating on all-things-Louis.

  • bird_n_tree

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LVOE LV may all your wishes come true and all the Louis Vuitton Bags come knocking on the door

  • Anonymous

    where r ur womens fall-winter bags? I need prices asap!

  • Bengt

    Million thanks everyone! :))

    @ Anonymous: I LVOE LV does not sell bags. But the information regarding Louis Vuitton's F/W bags can be found here: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Bag Names and Prices

  • Cathy

    That was a yummy cake you have.. happy birthday to this blog.. Keep it up.. 🙂