Louis Vuitton: A Man’s Journey

Tag along with a man in his life’s journey in business and leisure with Louis Vuitton.

A Business Trip

Top: Damier Keepall Bandouliere 55, $1270. LV Inventeur Reversible Damier Belt, $570. Tambour in Black, $3850. Bottom: Damier Icare, $1530. LV Inventeur Reversible Damier Belt, $570. Tambour in Black, $3850.

Top: Brazza Wallet in Crocodile, price unavailable. Tambour Diving Automatic, $3230. Bottom: Taiga Igor, $1840

Top: Epi Brazza Wallet, $555. Epi Zippy Organizer, $785. Address Key Holder, $330. Evasion Sunglasses, $1200. Damier Graphite iPhone 3G Case, $250. Bottom: Damier Geant Eole 50, $2050. Damier Geant Mini Citadin, $565. Tambour in Black, $3850. XL Snap Hook Key Holder, $290.

Top: Signature Onyx Cufflinks, $630. Bottom: Damier Graphite Garment Cover, $1280. Damier Graphite Toilet Pouch, $550. Damier Graphite Pilot Case, $2470. Tambour in Black, $3850.

A Relaxing Weekend

Top: Tambour in Black, $3850. Bottom: Utah Mowa, $3550. Tambour in Black, $3850.

Top: Monogram Icare, $1530. Bottom: Tambour Diving Automatic, $3230. Large Empreinte Ring Yellow Gold, $1260.

Top: Complot MM LV Landscape Sunglasses, $345. Tambour Automatic Chronograph, $3130. Bottom: Conspiration Mask Sunglasses, $450. LV Cut Long Epi Belt, $470.

Images via Louis Vuitton


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