Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall/Winter 2009 Bag Names and Prices

Here are the men’s bags that would be released for next season, Fall/Winter 2009 inspired by “the traveling wardrobe of an African king” as quoted by Vuitton Studio Director Paul Helbers. The collection consists of the Monogram Hexagone, Monogram Revelation, Monogram Escapade and Monogram Macassar. Please be reminded that the prices are subject to change.

I personally like the Monogram Revelation Keepall ever since I saw it carried down the runway show, but too bad it costs a fortune. Its a really stunning bag though…

Monogram Hexagone
This collection reinvents the Monogram canvas as the bags are intricately quilted with the soccer ball/football pattern. It also features black leather straps and handles.

Monogram Hexagone Keepall 45 Bandoulière
Estimated Price: $5100

Monogram Hexagone Néo Trocadero
Estimted Price: $2780

Monogram Revelation
Luxurious leather is embossed revealing the LV monogram and pattern. One word: STUNNING.

Monogram Revelation 45 Bandoulière
Estimated Price: $4040

Monogram Escapade
Based on the photo, I guess that the Escapade is made from lurex. The shimmer of the material is gorgeous. This is also the most affordable piece from the men’s Fall 2009 collection.

Monogram Escapade Cabas
Estimated Price: $710

Monogram Macassar
Named after a village in northeastern Mozambique, this collection features classic Monogram bags but it’s handles and straps are made from black leather instead of vachetta. Macassar is said to be added into Vuitton’s permament collection. Also included is the Bass PM, $845 (not pictured).

Monogram Macassar Keepall 45 Bandoulière
Estimated Price: $1370

Monogram Macassar Davis Tote
Estimated Price: $1410

Monogram Macassar Bass PM

Monogram Macassar Bass MM
Estimated Price: $1050

Monogram Macassar Neo Greenwich
Estimated Price: $2780

Monogram Macassar Porte-Document

Monogram Macassar Soft Briefcase

Monogram Macassar Steamer Bag
Estimated Price: $4040

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    The Revelation Keepall is "debossed", not embossed as what you've posted.

  • Bengt

    ^ Ok, let's define the two words.

    – pressing an image into paper so it lies below the surface.
    – An image or area pressed into paper or board creating a sunken area

    – raised design or symbol
    – impressing an image firmly into the object so that the design is raised on the object’s opposite surface.

    So with that, I think emboss is the process used on the Revelation Keepall..


  • Sandy

    Bengt's right. The Revelation Keepall is indeed embossed, not debossed. 🙂

  • cass


  • Anonymous

    I really like the escapate tote. does it come in blue like in the runway show?

  • Bengt

    ^ Hi, the Monogram Escapade Cabas only comes in the color posted above. The blue won't be released. But I really wish they'd release the cabas in more colors, it would be really cool, no?

  • Anonymous

    OH. MY. GOD.
    I need to save!!

  • Timmy

    I must have the hexagone trocadero! and the macassar. too many good stuff next season! I will sure be broke

  • lvdiva

    The monogram bags sure looks great in contrast with the black leather. I wish the women's bags also has black leathered monogram, vachetta is a pain the butt to maintain..

  • Anonymous

    When will these be released?

  • Bengt

    ^ August – September 2009

  • monogram

    why is Hexasagone keepall more expensive that the Revelation?

  • Bengt

    ^ I think its because of the process of making the bag. I assume that the Hexagone's parts are quilted/formed separately then attached together again to form the bag. It went through an intricate process, that's why it's more expensive than the Revelation which was just embossed. That's my theory. 🙂

  • freshmess

    Hi Bengt, the anonymous poster is right. The Revelation Keepall is debossed and not embossed. I've seen this note on the lookbook that the pattern is pushed from the other side of the leather.

  • monogram

    I agree with you Bengt because a staff in Paris told me that they set the price of a bag by considering the material used and also the time spent to make one.
    I'm new to this site. I'm amazed how fast you obtain these info and pics. I'm an amateur collector of LV products myself but I've got only 265 pieces so far… like you Bengt Treillis is my favorite bag that I use most often at the moment. I'm thinking between keepall and Neo Trocadero but Revelation will be my first all black keepall in leather if I could get it.
    thank you very much for creating LVOE website. PS are you interested in LV timepieces?

  • Anonymous

    Wow looking at the price just shocks me. Are they really out of their mind? I really want the Monogram Hexagone Keepall 45 Bandoulière and the Monogram Revelation 45 Bandoulière but its just too pricey for a canvas bag.

  • hunner cordell

    FINALLY! A line to match the Waterproof55. I've been waiting a long time for this.

  • Anonymous

    Hey I have a BIG question!

    I'm buying my very first LV and I really want the newly designed Keeapall 45, and when I went to the flagship store and asked them when it will be released, they told me that I had to make a RESERVATION for it becuase it's not a permanent line but a show line.

    I wasn't aware they won't launch a full scale sales campaign for those bags just because they are not a permanent line.

    Are the sales staff lying just to make me buy it at their store? or are they telling the truth?

    So what, those bags will only be available to people who make reservation? I don't understand it….

  • Anonymous

    You indeed need to be on a wait list especially if you want the Revelation, I don't know which Keepall you are referencing. The embossed pieces are going to be very rare. I am hopefully getting the embossed briefcase, which they are not even advertising as being made because it is so limited. I have been on the waiting list since the day after the LV show. If you are willing to prepay or place a deposit for your bag it gives you a greater chance of getting one because they fill those orders first.

  • Craig Richie

    Monogram Revelation 45 was not made by impressing an image into the leather, the LV pattern was created by injected silicone! Can you believe that? lol soo cool, I know the manager of a LV store & she gave me the scoop 😉

  • Monogram

    That's why the pattern is so soft to touch…. I love it!!

  • Anonymous

    I've already bought a Macassar Bass MM last friday. The real one is somewhat different from the released pics:
    – The shoulder strap is garment not leather
    – The released picture shows the metal logo hardware on the closing pad, but the real one is just made from a another piece of black leather
    – The shape of the bag also slightly different.

    See my pics here:

  • I like it!