New Suhali Color: Tanami

For Summer 2009, a new color is added to the luxurious Suhali Leather line of bags and small leather goods: the Tanami.

This new color is named after the one of the most isolated and arid deserts on Earth, the Tanami Desert in the Northern Territory of Australia. The desert is known for its reddish soil which is the inspiration for the new Suhali color.

Tanami is available in the following articles:
• Suhali L’Absolu – $3390
• Suhali L’Essentiel – $2470
• Suhali Lockit MM – $3100
• Suhali Lockit PM – $2630
• Suhali Le Majestueux – $2740
• Suhali Le Radieux – $ 3230
• Suhali Le Somptueux Wallet – $890
• Suhali Zippy Wallet – $825
• Suhali Le Favori Wallet – $890

They’re sold exclusively at Louis Vuitton stores and online at

Image via Louis Vuitton