Louis Vuitton Conveyor Belt Window Display

Replacing the travel-inspired packing crates window display at Louis Vuitton stores is a fun and creative display of Speedys traveling through the corner windows of the store via a conveyor belt. Cynthia Drescher from Racked.com says that the Speedy passes through curtains of gold bead are to be transformed into the next variation of the Monogram, for instance 2004’s Monogram Cerises, 2007’s Monogram Mirage, 2008’s Monogram Watercolor and many more.

Video via jetsetcd @ YouTube


  • Anonymous

    i wonder if those are leftovers or bags from the archives… which makes me wonder how MANY bags they still have from each season in their archives…

  • Anonymous

    they dont sell their displays… prolly some of their displays left over

  • bird_n_tree

    this is such a clever display =) LVOE it