Louis Vuitton Tate Renamed To Thames

I just got an email from Tate (Tate Gallery) regarding the Louis Vuitton bag named after the gallery; the Tate bag which comes in Monogram and Damier canvas.

It came to the attention of Tate Gallery that in October 2008, Louis Vuitton was marketing a bag under the name “Tate Damier”. According to Tate, Tate has a specific registration in Class 18 in the United Kingdom, which includes bags as well as leather, imitation leather and good made of these materials. There existed a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public, with regard to the association with the trade mark Tate and the situation of a potential trademark infringement arose.

So to address the situation, Louis Vuitton has renamed the Tate bag to Thames, named after River Thames in England.

Image via Louis Vuitton