LVoe Letter #28: Contessa LVoes LV!

Contessa from New York sends us her LVoe Letter showing her beloved Louis Vuitton collection which consists of classic and iconic pieces in Monogram, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur canvas, Inclusion bracelet and hair clip and the Louis Vuitton: Birth Of Modern Luxury. Wait a sec, I’ve been blogging ’bout LV for a year now and I still don’t have that book. Eeek..

Here’s Contessa’s collection:

I see a gorgeously patinated Monogram Speedy, a Neverfull, Keepall, Poche Toilette, Pochette Accessoires, Damier Alma, and Damier Azur Speedy. A bunch of timeless pieces! Thanks Contessa for sharing your collection!


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Image via Contessa for I LVOE LV


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    Pretty collection