LVoe Letter #29: Jesse LVoes LV!

This LVoe Letter brings cheers from Riverside in Southern California, USA. It features Jesse’s collection which mostly consists of Damier pieces (in Azur, Graphite and Ebene) and other sweet pieces such as the Monogram Graffiti Neverfull and Zippy Wallet, Monogram Perfo wallet, Street Sneaker, deck of cards and Icons. Its a bunch of classics with a kick!


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Image via Jesse for ILVOELV


  • LVMode

    Jesse has great taste Bengt. Damier is TDF.

  • Mary

    such a small world, I live in Corona, Ca. (Riverside's neighbor) It was great to see that I am not the only one out here with a love for LV! Great collection Jesse!!

  • Jonathan

    The bag in Graffiti looks like Neverfull but why it have a strap??? Great collection. I will send my collection soon.

  • Anonymous

    ^ The strap looks detachable. I think she just attached it to the bag..

  • Anonymous

    thank you all for your comments and compliments.
    to answer your questions I am a MALE, gay one at that , lol, with an LVoe fetish.
    the neverfull was purchased along with the strap which comes from a keepall duffle. the strap was $310.00 and the bag was like $1,400.00.
    i use it as a messenger bag, hehe.. so yes it is detachable..

  • Pearl Westwood

    this is such a cool site, to let everyone show off their collections! i like how this guy keeps everything boxed – i do the same and an somewhat obsessive about it ha ha!