I LVOE LV apologizes for posting a LVoe Letter sent by a reader that consists of counterfeit pieces. Bengt did not carefully examine the photo before posting and his lapse of judgment may fire him from his job.

But seriously, from now on, photos sent by readers will be probed and scrutinized stich by stich, monogram by monogram and will be authenticated before being posted at the website to ensure that this incident won’t happen again.

Image via The Bag Hag


  • Jonathan

    What LVoe letter consist counterfeit pieces? They must shame on themselves. I hate counterfeit. It devalue the authentics.

  • sarah

    to all fakers!!!dont you ever wish to send ur counterfeit bags or shit at ilvoelv.com..dont tarnish this website reputation

  • Anonymous

    im laughing soooo hard right now, wow thats crazy but its about time.

  • tess

    ^ Its about time what?

  • Jonathan

    anonymous say what?

  • Anonymous

    oh cmon,not all people in this world can afford to buy original louis vuitton

  • Cassandra

    ^ Yeah, that's true. That's why if you can't afford to buy an authentic Louis Vuitton or other designer products, then don't buy fake. Its that simple. If your can't afford, then its not for you.

  • eva

    People who buy and carry fakes are usually social climbers.

  • bird_n_tree

    Strongly agree with Bengt. You cannot avoid these people sometimes! But rest assured I am a loyal Louis customer! which reminds me I have got some more items that needed to be photographed! a LVOE letter is long due…

  • Pearl Westwood

    wow is that sign for real? in france carrying a counterfeit is jailable? – i should think so too. its not just the fact that fakes disgust me on principle, but the money from them goes on to help further organised crime. i have also noticed some blogs allowing advertisers who sell fakes – disgusting!
    great blog by the way x

  • Anonymous

    Yes, those posters are real. I live in Paris.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    pearl you're right, people don't realize that counterfeit products actually create one of the biggest sources of funds for terrorism. it's illegal throughout most of Europe, and for very good reasons too. Who wants to be in a career of deceit, selling imitation products?! And, who wants to be a wanna-be by carrying these cheap pieces of crap which tarnish the image of age-old quality luxury brands? if you can't afford Louis Vuitton that's ok, save up and in the meantime buy a nice genuine piece from J.Crew or Urban Outfitters for example. When you make the LV investment it will last a lifetime, unlike the nasty flimsy knock-offs! (Venting over!!)

  • akane

    if cant afford original vuitton why not save your money or just buy the cheap and chip bag instead of fake vuitton or any othet brand.in my country there's a lot of socialites buy the high end fake handbags but nobody notice it.i got to know from an s.a of louis vuitton.so it doesnt matter u r someoneo or no one but please dont buy fake.

  • Anonymous

    You are advertising FAKE bags on your site… the links are to fake LV websites!!!

  • Bengt

    ^ Do you mean Yoogi's Closet and Fashionphile? FYI, they sell pre-owned authentic Louis Vuitton. But if you mean the ads from Google, then yes there are fake websites that show up but I am working hard to block them. I can't control the ads Google is displaying in this site but I can add the URLs to the block list.

    There are always times that a fake LV ad shows up in the Google Ads but its still your choice if you'd click it and go to the site or not.

  • bellina

    bengt,i love your website.you r such a great blogger and dont let some of the ads or even fake lvoe letters bring down ur blog.lots of love and support!!

  • Bengt

    Thanks so much Bellina. I'd keep your words at heart. Everyone's been really supportive and I thank all you guys for that. 🙂