Infiniti Essence Launch

Here are spy pics from the launch of the Infiniti Essence which includes some Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite custom made trunks at the Vuitton store party at Carmel, California. For more information about the Infiniti Essence, click here.

Images via H.K.


  • Lesedi

    The rear 'trunk' is very odd but still beautiful..the car gives me chills…but its finally good to know that you can fit all you LV trunks inside the rear end. Super cool!!!

  • Bengt

    The car comes with the trunks.. Cool, no?

  • Anonymous

    so POSH!

  • Thomas

    This car is sooo cool. This car is so sleek I just love it.

  • Anonymous

    how much it cost ?
    if its cheap i will order 2 for my kids