Louis Vuitton ION Orchard


Last month, Louis Vuitton opened the largest boutique in Southeast Asia at Singapore’s luxurious ION Orchard in Orchard Road. Featuring a newly conceived curved façade, circular interiors and an array of Asia Pacific’s firsts, this 2-leveled, 850 square meter universe testifies the Malletier’s spirit to combine innovative architectural and retail concepts to reflect a tradition of savoir-faire, travel legacy and French luxury.

The façade was designed by Front Inc. of New York while the interiors by the Louis Vuitton Malletier’s architecture team. The ION Orchard store will showcase Louis Vuitton’s first curved glass façade, inspired by the ‘folds of a scarf’. It will boast a full glass façade comprising two groups of textured glass that mimic a Damier chequerboard pattern effect.

Store Tour


A bold statement in the heart of iconic Orchard, the Louis Vuitton Global Store – largest both in The Lion City and South-East Asia – at ION Orchard Turn is the latest architectural jewel of the Maison, where luxury and elegance meet creativity and innovation. Featuring a newly conceived curved façade, corresponding soft interiors and a host of Asia Pacific firsts, this two-leveled, 905 square-meter universe testifies the Malletier’s spirit to combine innovative architecture and retail concepts to reflect a tradition of savoir-faire, travel legacy and French luxury.

FAÇADE – The uniqueness and innovation of the new store at ION Orchard begins with Louis Vuitton’s first curved glass façade, inspired by the ‘folds of a scarf’ and designed by Front Inc of New York, echoing “curved” interiors from the Louis Vuitton architecture team in Paris. This will be one of the largest custom-made façades – comprising two groups of mold-textured glass that mimic a Damier chequerboard pattern effect. The exterior then opens to an equally new Maison interior and display concepts.


BAG BAR – Take a walk through the glass-cocooned entrance on the ground level, and you are immediately welcomed by an over nine-meter long curved Bags Bar for women, one of the first in Asia. Facing a special wall display of small leather goods is a six-meter long curved Bags Bar for Men.


LEATHER GOODS AREA – Climb up the marble circular stairway, past the golden walls, and be greeted by Louis Vuitton’s fine leather goods. Following the curved framework from the ground floor, it is complemented with deluxe wooden shelves and paneling. The architectural elegance of the interior brings emphasis to the exquisite details of Vuitton’s French leather goods.


WOMEN’S UNIVERSE & WOMEN’S SHOES – Brightly lit with rays of natural light peeping through the Damier patterned curve glass façade, the spatial organization of women’s ready-to-wear and accessories brings clear visibility at it’s most elegant. While it faces the busy streets of Orchard, its pale parquet floors topped up with plush white carpets takes you away from the hustle and bustle, and into the flawless and modern realm of Louis Vuitton.


MEN’S UNIVERSE & MEN’S ACCESSORIES – The spacious and luxurious men’s universe has an elegant backdrop showcasing the men’s products. With its warm mahogany setting and lavish leather chairs, you can spend hours indulging in this elegant arena housing the most recent offerings of the Malletier for men.

Special Products

EMBROIDERIE COLLAR AMBER TRENCH COAT The limited edition evening trench coat inspired by the 2009 Spring/Summer collection is definitely one of the highlights. Tailored in shiny and luxurious silk fabric, this earth hue evening trench is embellished with beautiful amber color stones and pearls along the collar, plus a belt embossed with ‘Louis Vuitton’ that ties around the waist like a ribbon.

BALLERINA BRONZE In the same spirit and design of 2009 Spring/Summer collection, the matching ballerinas in bronze color is accessorized in the same stones and ribbon to complete this feminine, yet classy and elegant silhouette.

SOUPÇON OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES Crafted for trendy & city chic ladies, this oversized variation has been modernized, made more bold & sophisticated. This hand-made eyewear is adorned with temples incorporating “inclusion” details inspired by fancy jewelry, and is engraved with the special event marking on the temple tip.

APPARENCE TRANSPARENT SUNGLASSES A new model from the Fall/Winter 09 collection which is specially crafted for fashion savvy & discerning men. It is hand-made in exclusive transparent acetate and adorned with metallic pieces embossed with Damier motifs. This pair of refined sunglasses also utilizes a special technique to insert a metallic logo into the temple.

TAMOUR 18 CROISSANT The watch comes in a diamond paved case with a white gold dial that pictures a starry sky in brown diamonds, orange spessartites, yellow sapphires and a crescent moon in white diamonds. The white gold dial is further enriched with Monogram Flower motifs that intersperse with the gem-set stars and crescent moon which illuminate in the dark. Limited to 8 pieces, the individually numbered watches are equipped in a Cognac Shiny Alligator strap accompanied by a second embossed leather bracelet. A leather watch box with a hot-stamped “Orchard Road, Singapore” label accompanies each timepiece.

BEL AIR MIROIR DORE With its high shine and gloss, as though dipped in metal, the Bel Air is one of the most glamorous and sophisticated bag to date. Finely crafted in Monogram Miroir, the PVC panels with a metallic film for a mirror effect embossed with a high frequency technique for precision and definition. A sophisticated gold signature plaque is used as a closing system, coupled with a beautifully made, detachable chain strap for a golden finish.

EMBROIDERIE BLANC TEE AND AMBER LAMBSKIN PERFORATED SKIRT This luxuriously detailed cotton shirt is not just any ordinary piece. It boasts a removable embroidery of tinsel and stones in the finest shade of amber. Intertwined with bronze leather laces and a bead encrusted LV, it resembles a piece from 2009’s Spring Summer collection, encompassing the same intricate beading details. The perforated bronze beauty made of soft lambskin echoes the spirit of Mahina leather goods. With the monogram reinterpreted through a perforation technique, it becomes an understated, subtle, elegant and totally legitimate signature. It will evoke your textural interest with its three different perforated diameters that are technically refined.

Louis Vuitton Singapore ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#01-23 ION Orchard

Tel: +65 6788 3888
Fax: +65 6781 0543
Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10AM – 10PM

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    This store is stunning!

  • Anonymous

    yeah 🙂 i love this new store. (im from singapore :))

  • shocolaat

    The retail price on LOUIS VUITTON APPARENCE TRANSPARENT is 380 EUROS / 570 USD.


  • Anonymous

    cool ^^….

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous place…..^^

  • Anonymous

    Need to check on the price for LV Insolite Wallet (petrole colour) How much is it ? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    the operation hours have change. doors open at 10.30 am and last entry would be at 9.30pm.

  • Anonymous

    helo, im looking for LV handbag with code M40143. is there ready stock? thx

  • Anonymous

    I like this store — but sales girl are so unfriednly. I went to this flagship store with a purpose to buy LV Neverfull MM. Damier Ebene Canvas – – I asked the sale girl nicely, below is the conversation between me and that sales girl
    Me: "do you have Neverfull MM, Damier Ebene?, I did not see it on the shelf"
    Sales girl: "Damier is for a guy, there is no such neverfull MM in Damier graphic"
    and she turned her face another way..this is really wowww i've never met sales girl in any store like this before.
    My bf is so pissed off, actually, me too – – but anyway, i just have to remember and going forward i will give a warn to all of my friends that never go to this store if you would like to have a real "SERVICE MIND" because you will never have it from them.
    Lastly, if this msg really can reach those who managed this particular store..kindly train your staff well, even there are those customers who are asking for something like can i see that bag, do you still have this one?
    and your sale girls see no potential that they are going to buy it…please teach them to bear in mind that "THEY ARE CUSTOMERS" even they will buy now or will buy later..if they go and ask for something, sure you will be able to sell something even not today maybe tomorrow who knows. And please teach them to react a little bit nicer, even I am from other countries which your sales girl may look down, does not mean i know nothing about LV..does not mean I have no money to buy.I knew there is LV Neverfull MM, Damier Ebene Canvas – – I knew there is this product existing..so don't just say "We don't have, damier is for guys not for women". Customers are not stupid, please be reminded.
    After went to this store and received this kind of service, i went to Gucci shop at Paragon..asking for "Gucci joy, Medium Tote, Silver".This color – -sold out already..
    anyway, i quite impress that sales girl response is completely different, she is so nice, so even they don't have such color, without second thought, I decided to buy brown one..which she kindly showed me.
    LV at ION should train their staff more – – really.

  • Anonymous

    everybody knows that Singapore LV staffs have world greatest ego and humongous attitude problem.. i really wonder y? maybe the fact that they do forget that they are just a salesperson~~ they are of no different with other sales person u c in a departmental store.. so oh well, get it over with LV staffs.. Ur just an employee trying to sell the goods.jolly well remember, u are not a high flyer buying the products, ur just a lowly employee

  • Anonymous

    i fully agree singapore ion lv staff are so rude and impolite!!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought LV sales are known as executives? However, they just turned out otherwise, like any other temporary sales staffs. The security staffs seemed more approachable than sales.Especially the young sales men, no smiles at all.. I bought Burberry $1570 instead. Very happy with their sales service at Takashimaya.

  • We Love Asian Men

    I was at ION Singapore inquiring about the new Taiga Cabas Zippé that was on display and I must say the SAs there need some serious attitude adjustment.

    The one I was talking to wouldn't even drop the lint remover he was holding to clean some merchandise yesterday and was even taking lint off some items while I was talking to him. I just found it totally rude. They couldn't even give me any detail about when the bag could be sold, other than it's only 1 of the 11 pieces on display in the world and that the ION store was selected as one of the Taiga stores…blah blah blah.

    I don't know if being part of the largest LV store in Southeast Asia went into their heads or something because the guys next door at Ngee Ann City were very friendly and accommodating. Plus I was carrying my Keepall Revelation yesterday so they shouldn't think I can't afford to buy that bag.

  • Anonymous

    I was at ION Singapore inquiring about the new Taiga Cabas Zippé that was on display and I must say the SAs there need some serious attitude adjustment.

    The one I was talking to wouldn't even drop the lint remover he was holding to clean some merchandise yesterday and was even taking lint off some items while I was talking to him. I just found it totally rude. They couldn't even give me any detail about when the bag could be sold, other than it's only 1 of the 11 pieces on display in the world and that the ION store was selected as one of the Taiga stores…blah blah blah.

    I don't know if being part of the largest LV store in Southeast Asia went into their heads or something because the guys next door at Ngee Ann City were very friendly and accommodating. Plus I was carrying my Keepall Revelation yesterday so they shouldn't think I can't afford to buy that bag.

  • Anonymous

    i went to LV store at ion. i feel very welcome by the chinese security because he greet me good evening with a very pleasant smile. i already think that i want to buy a sunglasses so i walk straight to the area. i try the sunglasses and need assist from the staff. i saw 3 staff doing their own thing without even looking at me. is it just because i wearing t-shirt with slipper so they thought i had no money or intention to buy. i waited for about 10 minutes and no one come and serve me. i ask for assist they say wait and a moment later they all disappear. i got so frustrated, i walk out the shop with anger and i will not come again anymore

    • Anonymous

      i agree i’d been there before and to what i observe they do judge customers by its cover

  • Anonymous

    thanks for all the candid feedback. I was planning to go LV ion today to get a wallet for hubby's birthday. i am going to Gucci instead now. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    hi all…yes i agreed. they are unfriendly. i gotten my bag after waited like 20 mins for someone to attend to me at the display shelf. i purchase like just in 5 mins and make payment. total payment made was 5K plus SGD.

    i had to call up for sales girl..like 3 times.

    me: excuse me…can… (the sales girl turn away)

    me : hi can u assist me….(another just keep quiet)

    me : hi im actually getting a bag…..can u..before i finish the sentence…she said wait and move away.

    what is this man?

    im actually a singaporean..and im utterly dissapointed! my family members had to wait at the sitting area for 20 mins while i stand there like one dummy.

    nevertheless i got my stuffs and went off.

    or maybe its a double standard that i came in ..dress in rest n relax?

  • Anonymous

    hi its me again. i just did the post. yes Gucci staffs are better service now! i just gotten a gucci bag….he even sent us to the door! wow gracious!

    for miu miu n ferragamo….well….just as bad or worst than lv. had to even pick the bag and bring up to the sales…to buy.

  • Maggie

    Dear fellow bloggers,

    after reading through your comments, I do agree that most sales personnel in branded luxury retail outlets tends to behave quite snobbishly towards customers. Heard loads of such incidents from friends.

    I personally encountered such service at Coach Raffles City SC (Cityhall). When I asked the sales executive something, she said Coach Singapore did not carry such model and stood there and looked straight ahead through me to smile at the next customer. She gave me the impression that to her, Coach employed her to stand there to look pretty, like a nice decorative item in the store.

    I have been to DFS Orchard LV, Takashimaya and Raffles Hotel boutiques. Surprisingly, the staff that I had encountered are quite friendly and professional.

    There is one staff from Takashimaya LV whom I would like to highlight: John (in his 40s?). He was bombarded with lots of questions from my mum and myself when she went there to buy her LV bag, this being her 1st LV bag. There was quite a crowd there as we went on Sunday afternoon. Despite having a few customers to serve at the same time and being asked to show us this bag, that bag, what is the price for this bag and that bag, etc, he did not lose his cool. He was able to answer all our queries and those of other customers promptly.

    Last December, my hubby & I went to ION LV on a Sunday afternoon to have a look at some wallets & bags. At the men's wallet counter, we were served by a male sales executive in his late 20s. He was polite and was able to answer our questions about the wallets we were looking at quite well.

    Then we went over to the ladies' bags section where I was looking over the various bags to see which one I would like. I chose a Hampstead PM and asked d female sales executive to let me have a look at the bag up close & personal. She was quite friendly and offered advice that the Hampstead in Damier Ebene looks better than in monogram and Azur.

    We did not buy anything that day as we were just checking out the bags and wallets before getting a relative to buy for us directly from Paris boutique.

  • Anonymous

    After reading all the comments, I now have reservation patronising ION Orchard. Guess the LV boss has to put in more effort to revive the image. Disappointed, very disappointed!

  • Jennifer

    A customer service attendant by the name of Ms. Lu (stationed on 1st floor) was VERY RUDE. She was attending to a customer but i asked for a sample bag to see. she told me in exact words – SORRY, I'M ATTENDING TO A CUSTOMER. then looked away. not until she saw my 'not satisfied' look, she asked for her colleague EDMUND to attend to me. the customer she attended did not buy anything from her at the end of the day. I bought a LV tote bag from a very helpful sales person on the 2nd floor. Not sure of his name but his colleague, Richard concluded the deal pleasantly.

  • Anonymous

    For years I would not want to buy LV as the service in Singapore is very deplorable. The only store with good services are from the raffles Hotel store. Gucci to me is much more better in terms of value and services. I have enough "nonsense service" from LV stores in Singapore, enough said, We cannot stop anyone who like to part with their money and receive lousy service from the salesman or saleswoman who could not afford much LV stuff themselves. What a sad story. Everyone have their choice.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I kinda agree with the last posting, quote "we cannot stop anyone who like to part with their money and receive lousy service…." unquote. What i dont understand is that LONG Q that you were made to do before entering most LV stores in Singapore…. if i want to spend obscene thousands of dollars of my money, there is no way i'd be doing the Q thing… is this a Singaporean thing to do? oh by the way, in response to Jennifer's posting on 4.11.2010, you have to wait your turn to be served, no matter where you are, whether it LV or Dunkin Donuts, BARGING in is just soo UNCOOL. YES, i agree with most of you guys here in this blog…. LV has some serious problems in their hands with their SALES people… at the end of the day, no customers, no pay…. GOOD LUCK to them, and LV.

    • Anonymous

      I think that long Q is just a gimmick – long Q = popularity … But in actual fact it is just so humiliating and rude to make your customers queue…LV n other stores must stop this

  • Lim Family

    I really agree with all your comments on the attitude of the LV sales ladies in Ion. The Gucci sales personnel in Paragon are not much better.

    Among all (I went on a designer bag shopping spree), the Dior sales girls (whether at Isetan, Ion and Taka) are the best. They are all very friendly and well mannered, unlike the LV girls. They gave me a snobbish stare when I wore just T-shirt and track pants! The next day I went with my Rolex King diamond dial watch and my 2 carats diamond solitaire ring to boost my ego…but the attitude is only slightly better but not up to Dior standard yet!

    I guess it is not how the customer look. It is their personality and eagerness to serve China nationals and Indonesians only.


  • Anonymous

    was LV flooded by the recent event? wonder if those KIASUs were still Q ing trying to get in the store whilst it was FLOODING? Wonder if the glorified salesmen and saleswomen let those KIASUs in…. LOL

  • Anonymous

    The men on the second floor.were. nice but the first floor sa's didnt look at me AT.All. prada ion has lovely staff i brought a wallet that day.

  • Anonymous

    All LV ION sales people think they are some high class people while we(Mainly Singaporeans who really do not dress that up!) cannot afford anything they are trying to sell. I should also mention the Coach staff at Isetan Shaw. They do not know that they are so low that they can only be sales people, low on skills and of course education. They themselves cannot afford to buy probably a key chain from their own stores and they think others are like them. If we do not buy, I wonder how they can get their salaries, probably just by eating snake! Once, a friend of mine was so pissed that he came back to show what he bought from another store, not in Singapore… far far away from Singapore and showed to the girl who just could not give him an eye when he asked about a certain bag. We wanted to make the girl feel cheap, but we are higher than that.

  • Anonymous

    I can't disagree with the above comments. Indeed, I was extremely disappointed with the attitude of the sales person @ LV ion. Some are just extremely rude, they think some people just don't deserve their attention when they're just salesman. They've got to realise that they're bunch of failures in life who can only work as salesman and nothing more than that.

  • Anonymous

    I just came back from a 5-day trip to Singapore and I STRONGLY AGREE with those negative comments about LV ION. The SA was only nice to me after I told her that I was going to buy one but before that, I've made inquiries about other bags and the SA wasn't very friendly. Her responses were quite harsh for an SA and she's quite "assuming" when it comes to my nationality. Quite a racist from what I think. Hmph.

  • Anonymous

    i had similar experience while shopping in Singapore but in general not only branded boutiques but also jewelry stores. My guess is SAs in branded boutiques are trained to be aloof hence the rudeness of their service to potential customers.
    Stereotyping customers is seen in most expensive stores.
    My really bad experience was shopping for jewelry in 'Comfy' clothes and i was rudely ignored but western english/white ppl are being treated nicely. i was planning to buy during the GSS but such attitudes stunted my needs to go on a shopping spree.
    From Brunei

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    going through all the comments just wanna give out what i've experience as well.
    Those staff hired at branded store really have to be choose and trained properly.
    I've been to the LV store as well with t-shirt, shorts and slippers. actually wanted to get a sarah wallet and neverfull MM but then their service was terrible.
    They totally ignore me. and when i ask questions they're like giving those impatient look. Straight away i leave the store. I'll never go in again!
    Customers is oweys the right one. How can they be so rude by judging ppl's outfit and thinking that the customer had no potential in buying or not buying. Does it mean that when ever we need to buy somethign branded we'll have to wear formally bring up all the branded stuff out to show that we can afford?
    they really need to be train. hope the management can read and do smth on it. It's really disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    jus a cent of comment. I've been to taiwan's LV, gucci and chanel store and their service was sooo good and friendly. Think those staff in singapore and KL should really look up on how the staff in other countries did.

  • pixiepie

    Sorry to hear of your treatment here in Singapore. It's only the minority. I had my fair share, but in the middle east where the LV staff are either Arabs with HUGE attitude problem,or French who hates people who converse with them in English.

    Either way, I bought a wallet but not without the Lebanese guy getting the wallet for me grudgingly, telling me off the prices like I cannot afford it, and then refusing to put the wallet in a dustbag and box which ALL leather products come with!

    I was so pissed with him when the manager came and told him to go into the room and took over serving me! He was not only lazy, but rude!

    He may not be able to differentiate a Singaporean with many other Asians who work there as domestic helpers, but that doesn't mean he can put anybody down.

    Any domestic helper who strikes lottery today might just hop in to any LV shop for shopping! For being so arrogant and rude, people will just ditch LV and shop at Chanel instead! Whats the big deal!

  • Anonymous

    I just went over there (ION Orchard outlet) after reading numerous post on their negative customer service. I went in wearing bermudas, slippers and shirt. I was served by a lady staff. I asked her for recommendations of any small size handbag as i'm getting one for my gf as a present. She was kind enuff to show me FIVE to SIX models of bags! (Apparently I knew what I wanted before i went in. LOL) All in all, I spent 30min talking and browsing thru the bags……i left the store a satisfied customer 😉

    • Anonymous

      The salesgirl attended to you simply becos u told that u r getting a bag for yr gf. … I doubt that she will be soooo accomafating if u d jus mentioned that u r jus browsing 😉

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Seems like the LV Sales Team Manager is not working. =)

  • Anonymous

    was so funny reading these comments, hey the guy who went to ION Orchard, are u a handsome guy, thats why the sales lady show u 5-6 model of bags! haha
    guess someone should tape it down and see what kind of service is this!

  • Anonymous

    How much does a scarf from LV cost?

  • 2nd_hand_shop

    To all my singapore friends here,don’t u all think that the lousy services that local LV stores provide have been goin for so long and the problems seems to get worse? Those dreamers LV sales persons are just using reversed physcology on customers,out of 10,6 will buy due to triggered anger and wana show that they can afford,in the end losing ones are still customers,so my friends,don’t get provoked by them and stay calm,example ask the rude staff to get 10-20 or more bags for u to try,once u decided the design,buy it from ANOTHER staff,or just walk out without any words,remember,we play them not they play us,don’t spend angry or impulsive money

  • Dear friends at Orchard Street Louis Vuitton store in Singapore,

    Yesterday, I received as a gift the Louis Vuitton bag, model “Thames GM”. The said bag was purchased for me by my friend in your store at Orchard Street in Singapore on Tuesday on October 26, 2010. I do wander, if you would be willing to exchange the purchased model for the another one. I would much prefer bag model “Palermo PM”. I do have in my position an original purchase receipt. The problem is, I am living in the Czech Republic and I would like to know, if you would be willing to help me to exchange bags by means of the postal service.

    Also, I am interested in Louis Vuitton shoes, model “Claudia balerina in monogram Vernis”, size 38.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    I look forward to your comments.


    Mrs. Jirina Trkulja
    Ptylova 269
    688 01 Uhersky Brod
    Czech Republic

    Tel: +420737226088
    e-mail: jirinatrkulja@gmail.com

  • ivy choong

    how much is the lv damier hampstead ????sgd

  • ivy choong

    lv damier hampstead middle price??

  • Jules

    Hihi! Wow indeed scary. I only buy from overseas.. Recently bought speedy Idylle 30 and was planning to go down to one of the LV boutique to enquire something about the bag… Oh dear I think I’d better forget about it? Spoke to a lady on the phone, she sounded nice enough.. Guess it’s cause she can’t see me! Muahaha. Do agree Dior staff are fantastic. Bought a bag on sale 2 years back I think, and the SA was so friendly and patient. Told me how to look after d bag. Thumbs up! Staff in Italy are not bad too. Can’t remember Paris, guess too eager to buy. Hahaha. Sad.. Think whoever goes to LV boutique and receives bad service should immediately ask for manager on duty and give him/ her your 2 cents. 🙁

  • Jen

    Just few months ago, i visited LV but its at Takashimaya boutique. The sa is very nice to show me bags etc when i was enquiry abt the upcoming design. So overall i think Takashimaya isnt that bad.. and i really dress down for that day. Birkenstock, Longchamp, and i think Giordano Tee!!!

  • N

    Unfortunately, the two large stores at Orchard are known to be quite snobbish at times (but not always). Well, it seems like the staff would rather serve their regulars, or customers who would just pay up and leave. One’s wardrobe doesn’t really matter, especially in Singapore where most (or at least me) dress more for comfort and not for “show”.

    I’ve noticed that sometimes they would just stand around their areas and chat amongst themselves, even if there are potential customers browsing and looking about for assistance. It can be a very different (positive) experience when one steps into Gucci, Chanel and -EVEN- Coach.

    I’d recommend visiting the stores at Raffles Hotel Arcade or DFS Galleria (although they have quite limited selection) as they are very helpful and patient even if you’re not 100% buying.

  • JD

    I finally decided to give myself a LV bag this holiday – I totally deserve it! so I made up my mind to visit the Ion store, being the largest of them. However, I came across this site and read everyone’s comments on the store – 90% of them, bad! I internalized all comments and most are really points of discouragement.

    Still, I wanted to give it a fair chance. So I went to the store with just my slippers, walking shorts, a blouse and an old Lacoste boston bag. Hoping within hope to be treated well enough so I will buy the bag. (otherwise, if what they say about the staff being rude and all is right, alternate plan was a gucci bag, since needless to say, all the staff at the Paragon area are really nice and accomodating!)

    As usual, it was a long qeue, and the doorman was really polite and nice. There were a lot of people in the store, everybody is being greeted with warm smiles and polite “goodafternoon, welcome to LV mam and sir”.

    I went first to the Monogram canvas designs and looked at 2 bags. Surprisingly, the salesman (or sales exec if put nicely)was very enthusiastic to show me the bags, while serving other customers, with the same enthusiasm! I returned the bags to him and said, they were’nt my type of designs. He smiled and even said thank you.

    I went next to the Damier Ebene designs, and looked at the Hampstead and Galliera. The sales exec there was similarly polite and enthusiastic to show me the bags alternately. He told me the prices of several other bags and answered my questions very enthusiastically. Overall – it was a very nice encounter, so no need for me to go to Gucci – I bought one!

    If this comments corner has helped somehow in the way the customers should be treated, then kudos to the manager and the employees who might have read the comments and acted to make a change.I think most of the customers were satisfied that day because there were many of us who went out with bags on hand. Keep up the politeness and enthusiasm, those attitudes should be the standard and be applied to everyone. Afterall, you are a signature brand, and standards should be kept all the time. I’ll come back again in 6 months time, and hope to have the same nice encounter with the staff.

  • Anonymous

    May you guys should write a complaint to the headquaters in LV.
    LV is actually a small part of LVMH which is in charge of shops like dior, kiehl and even sephora…


  • Anonymous

    I collect LV bags and can even hold an exhibition of all the models, I cannot tolerate bad service, have written an email to the headquaters on behalf of all on this website…They at LVMH should do something about it!

  • Ibz

    Went to LV ION today. Was served by Michael Chang who provided good service. I requested for purchased to be gift wrapped and he asked his girls to do it. When the item came, it was wrapped in a box which is huge enough to fit an elephant! I think Michael was taken shocked as well. All the girls must be fired. I would suggest they hire Filipino sales people who r extremely polite and provide exce,lent service. Don’t hire our local girls….they should be employed at pasar malam,

  • Anonymous

    One LV sales assistant once said to me “I am going to get the bag that you want but you have to buy it ahhh…!” That was the last time I went to that outlet.It was at Hilton Hotel. I never went there again when I visited Singapore.

    • Anonymous

      I think more ppl should go to LV store and give them a piece of their mind. The cude sales staff should be taught a lesson. If they so high mighty they should be buying not selling. In Singapore ppl are carrying LV bag to Suppermarkets and these bags are so common here, a average Singaporean is carrying one. The Sales staff should stop judging us and just do the job, forgeting that we are responsible for they salary.

  • Sam

    I intended to shop for a Lv handbag for an important close friend, hearing the above comments in poor service makes me worry how service will be. Will reconsider the matter w my friend.

  • Suzy

    Anybody can tell me how much is LV Artsy MM cost in singapore, TQ?

  • KiK

    I just wondering how much is LV Wilshire size M Please?

    Best regards,

  • Mengie

    had one occasion of buying an LV bag in singapore myself at Ngee Ann City, my first LV for that matter and the sales guy who attended to me was very warm and accomodating..and since that was my very first LV, i wanted to have a souvenir of myself signing the receipt and flashing the bag itself, a Tivoli GM. The sales guy at first discouraged me from having a pic-taking inside the store as it’s not allowed but then, i sweetly requested that it ws indeed my first LV and i wanted to savor every bit of that very exciting experience and a pic of myself holding my bag is really to die for..and you know what, he just whispered smilingly to me and said..”Okay Ma’am, i understand, but make it snappy or else i’m screwed.” he even posed in the pic with me..quite a nice guy.

    the second time, it was my daughter, 20years old, whom i sent to buy another LV bag for me about a year ago there at ION city. According to her, she didn’t experience anything like snobbish treatment fromsthe sales personnel out there considering that she was not even dressed to the nines when she went there and at her age, who would even think she was there to buy and not just a regular window shopper. after checking out the displays and making comparisons, she finally got me a Totally GM in damier azure canvas.

    we don;t live in singapore..we only go there to visit my daughter who works in a media outfit. i think, it’s just a matter of calling these sales reps out and instruct them as to what you want to see or try among the LV products..it’s as simple as that..afterall, that’s what they are there and being paid for.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, please advise the prices of the Manogram Canvas Stresa GM and Stresa PM handbags.


  • Anonymous

    Today is mother’s day, my hubby wanted to buy me something, so i asked for a LV bag. And we went there this afternoon, the first salesgirl attended to me was rude, as like i am just asking for fun. So i went to Gucci, but can’t find the bag i want. So i went back to Ion LV. But this time i was attended by another salesgirl, she is much better then the one earlier. Not all salesgirl has thd same attitude, but they really have to bear in mind that they are there to serve us. We are the one calling the shots. The management really needs to send their sales person for some service training.

  • Anonymous2

    I googled “LV Ion poor service” and this thread surfaced. Today, I went to LV Ion with my sis and my mom. My sis tried some sunnies but she did not buy. On our way out my mom spotted a very small tote and I asked Sales Girl 1 to show it to me. She was reluctant to take it out from the display cabinet and when I asked again, she asked Sales Girl 2 (in cantonese) if she can show the piece to me. This is so ridiculous! So I asked her (in cantonese), why she cant show it to me and they came out with some lame excuses. Finally they took out the piece for us. It was such a horrid experience! Yes! We certainly do not intend to get anything today but that does not mean that we will not get it another day. I was carrying an LV (bought from their outlet) and so was my mom. We are (now WERE) their customers. Generally, I think LV sales girls like to act very ‘atas’. They dont understand what is customer service at all!

  • RK

    I’m quite shock after i read some of the comments regarding about the sales executive,or sales associate or what ever it is.
    Maybe its true that those sales staff job is to SERVE people. But in my opinion ALL JOB is about serving.
    Me myself, i’m proud to be sales associate. I’m degree, but still proudly said i’m selling watches,or bag or fashion. Cos for me sales is not about service people who act “atas” as a buyer. Its all about building relationship.
    If some people talking about salary wise, well… How bout this, which one u choose? While u wear ur nicely shirt,tie, and work early in the morning back to home at office hours with sometimes overtime with 2.5k or perhaps 3k monthly, we as sales person bring the same amount of money averagely IF we do worst.
    What i’m trying to say is sales person is not a simple job as selling in pasar malam just like that.
    If its easy, then why dont those who said sales person is lowly try it for a month. Try to cope with all the knowledge that u should absorb in 1 week training. Type of leather, name of all bag’s model, product code, and even for some like watches n jewelry, try to remember all the cutting, size an mechanism.
    And also try to face different customers attitude everyday.
    And once again,many of us are degree holder.
    I have alot of regulars who came an only want me to serve them, that’s all of course because i provided them with good service (i think ^.^)
    So why dont we try to remember the name of the good,polite, enthusiast sales personal who served us during our shopping time in particular shop,and just look for them if next time u plan to visit the shop. Cos believe me or not, some staffs even remember u and ur name and ur companion when u visit them again.
    Of course me myself also saw some bad experiences that customers got from my colleague, but its just give me another chance to make that customers mine.
    Cheers ^.^


    hi,lv group i agree u all comment about that stupid ion lv store i been that last year which want to bought Naviglio lv bag for myself.so i though such a high class place should be nice n friendly serve to u BUT when i just step in the store i realise myself become invisible nobody hill at u men.so i make a turn n left tell myself swear wont come to this stupid no manner place.BUT DFS lv store is DIFFERENT i still can remember that sales girl so good i just step in she smile at mi n say hello can i help u oh my god just now that evil serve n this serve is totally like heaven n earth serve men.maybe young lady n mature lady thinking is a gap.YES those low class should go PASAR MALAM serve men.

  • candy

    If you think the service in Singapore is bad.. you should experience the ones in Europe. Worst!

  • Demetriusaa

    How much is the price range for men’s wallets in LV? Planning to get one for my birthday. Thanks

  • lscemilya

    Staff at LV Store DFS Singapore are good, try there next time.


    Yesterday I went in the ION boutique to get myself a wallet. It was after school and i was wearing tee shirt and shorts, sweating, with a cheapo bag behind me.. I went in and there, almost 6 SA walked pass me without offering any help. Finally I have to ask one SA myself and he din’t really want to serve me, but well I have a wallet in mind, made a decision and paid within 10minutes. I wonder, is it wrong for a 19 yo with cheap clothings to go in to browse at LV stuff? Or is it because they think we really don’t have the money? Or is it the way they are trained, to give this kind of attitude?

    • ma. kareen u gonzales

      helo pls email me the price of damier speedy 30 and 35 in sgd tnx

  • Betty Lulu Loo

    After reading all those comments on LV staff, why isn’t the management do something before the head office hears about it. And sack that representative branch, stop them from selling the brand. Singaporeans are very rich now. Even the worst dressed, have tons of money in their pockets – see the way they buy cars and condos etc…


    I want to know the annual sales figure of the Louisvitton store in the ion Orchard

    Can anybody help me?

  • Anonymous

    A few years ago my family went to visit LV store in TAKA. When in the store my husband who is a Italian with my 5 year old daughter went to another section where I ( am Chinese ) went to have a look at the ladies’ bags.
    It was not a busy day as I could see a few sales ass talking. At the corner of my eye, I saw 2 sales ass looking at my slippers and then giggled. No one approached to assist. I was angry and told my husband to leave the shop. Once outside I told him what happened and he went back to LV and demanded to see the manager. We told manager to get his act together to train his staff and left telling him it was not that we could not afford but I chose not to buy! My husband made quite a scene at the shop. I have lots of LV bags but next time if I want one, I will get it from Perth.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t have any bad experience when visiting LV outlets in Paris. We visited 3 of them as the first 2 didn’t have the item that we wanted, but all 3 of them had polite and friendly staffs. We’re Chinese, by the way, and we didn’t really dress up; just T-shirt, jeans & jacket.

    Judging from the comments, I think Singapore’s LV staff really need to be trained. The management should fire those with attitude problem.

  • jessica

    OMG i read all of the comment about the staff attitude problem, i am scare to buy lv bag,how can they do this…i am soo worry that it will happen to me.hope that the staff will not do this to me….

  • in wow gold

    Just want to say your article is as amazing. The clarity on your post is simply excellent and that i can assume you are a professional on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to snatch your feed to keep updated with drawing close post. Thanks 1,000,000 and please carry on the gratifying work.

  • Dogsneaker

    I’ve not been to th Lv ion store and I don’t think I will. I’d just like to say that SAs at Raffles and Ngee Ann City are nice. I only go first thing in the morning when there are less people and perhaps the SAs are most keen to secure a sale. I’ve never had an issue feeling inadequately dressed or not feeling ‘worthy’ of being served. I dont have a rolex or a 2 ct diamond ring 🙂 I’ve had excellent service at both stores, the last time I was there with my 2 month old baby and we were shopping for her first LV and the SA was nice and helpful and discussed personal monogramming bags.

  • Jenny

    Agreed the SA there gave ppl snobbish looks or ignore customers.I requested to see 2 bags at Ion. The SA attended to me then leave it to his colleague. The staff there have very bad customer service.

  • eliza

    Hi, can you please let me know the prices of:

    Eva clutch
    evora mm
    delightful monogram pm
    artsy mm, &


  • Anonymous

    The comments I’ve read are so negatives regarding LV ION …. it only means one thing… Change the staff or have them briefed as well as groom their personality with LV wants the store to be a success. Otherwise custeomers would just go to Takashimaya…. or worse buy other brands.

    The sales executives at Gucci or LV Indonesia are soooo damn polite. Even if you just browse for prices… Went in to Dior and Chanel as well just to do some window shopping and they still give you smiles and a “Thank you for visiting us” greet at the door… Awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    Open on cny.

  • Anonymous

    Open on cny?

  • Mommy to a toddler

    I was originally from Singapore but have migrated to Australia about 25 years now. I came back for CNY and went to the LV at Marina Sands. The SA was very polite. I was dressed down too, in a pair of $10 slippers and shorts (mind you, Singapore’s humidity is more rude to my system). I only walked out with a Zippy wallet and she was very attentive to my needs.
    Then I go to HK a week later and I have no problems there either, the SA at the Canton Rd boutique attended to me instantly. However what put me off was the Mainland Chinese customers yelling at her like as if the place was a fish market. Well, the SA was attending to me first and there the Chinese customers were expecting her to behave like an octopus (multi-tasking and serve them as well). I feel so sorry for her. She acted in a very professional way and remained very calm(surprising under that kind of conditions with 4 Chinese women yelling at her!). I could have lost my cool at that stage should i be yelled at for no reasons at all. There in HK i met the ugliest Mainland Chinese nationals unlike the ones i met in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. I guess karma will prevail. If you have a rude SA attended to you, i suggest you will have to reflect on your own bahaviour in the first place or even put yourself in their shoes: they are probably abused by other disgruntled customers. If you do not like the service,just walk out and make a trip to another LV store. For the amount of money you are paying on an ‘investment’, go to another store for ‘better’ options.


    Have fun with LV instead.

  • ken

    I also experienced the ION staff are very rude and they not even want to bother you at all.

    When I approached the staff for assistance, one lady staff not even put on a smile.

    I am the LV collector, after such a bad “treatment” I walked out the shop and will never come back again.

    If the management is serious in his business, fire all the staff there and train the new staff to take over immediately. Take my advice if you are the boss who is reading my mail now.

  • Ruby Tan

    Aiyoh yoh, I carry a cheapskate “longchamp bag” cost S$13.90 and on certain days I carry a S$1.50 bag from a chapalang shop to office .

  • Just Me

    Hello all,
    About the store at ION Orchard, trust me, you can be dressed to the nines and they are still going to be rude to you. You may wait in line waiting to be served (not cutting queue) and they will STILL be rude to you. You may be dripping in diamonds and they will STILL be rude or unfriendly. I agree, the staff at Ngee Ann City are for more polite. My late mummy shopped there for years and now I do too. I am from Malaysia and while we love shopping in Hong Kong and Singapore (the selection is limited in Malaysia, sadly), sometimes proximity makes us choose the latter.

    I recently went to the one at ION, hoping to see the collection. The service left a lot to be desired. I was casually dressed in a maxi dress and (in our sweltering tropical heat) had sandals on (I wonder if an LV store in another hot climate would expect customers to dress in smart layers???).

    I selected a few pieces, not only of their leather goods but apparel as well. When it came to making payment, I gave them my name. I admit it was a mistake on my part.

    The sales person/ sales executive/ sales associate/ the-person-who-is-meant-to-politely-attend-to-customers-and-close-a-sale-if-possible gave me a blank look and actually called her colleague to clarify what I meant. I gave my name again and he, again, did not “get it”. The ones at NAC would usually nod, go away to the back of the shop (possibly to make a phone call or to check on something) and come out again and bag my purchase, ready for me to go.

    The ones at ION, *my-face-in-palm*, if I may make a suggestion, need training in protocol. I could have easily written to the management but I thought, hey, nobody else is going to know about this. I thought this platform may help in disseminating the lesson learned to other customers or would-be customers.

    So, please, please, please, please don’t be disheartened if you received bad service from LV in ION Orchard (I wonder what it is like at MBS??). It is not because you dressed casually, shabbily, or they think that you have no money, or you think your hair is not in place or you think you smell. These LV sales people are not rude to you because of these things. They are just, well, rude. Period.

    Remember, it is not you.

    It is them.

    Take your money where it is appreciated. Shop somewhere else.

  • Hung

    are there some goods on sale here???

  • Anonymous

    Omg! What a comment ..I can’t blame the SA because most the S’porean like to look n see n think again .

  • Aishah

    Hi.. Anyone knows how much for neverfull damier ebene mm..? Thanks

  • Fanny Chua

    [Speedy 40 Damier Ebene Canvas] can be found at ION LV store?
    somebody can reply me? I need it at next sunday…

    today i call to ION LV asking about the Speedy,but the female attitude is very bad. sure i know the bag of biggest size is 40!!!
    May I let she know i have basic research and understanding in lv!
    i asking the speedy 40 of price first,then i asking again ‘how about the 35?’. But she heard 45!! and respond me ‘Speedy of biggest size is 40,no 45!’ by her tone of disdain!
    I’m really lazy to talking with a no common sense and no attitude of SA.

    • Fanny Chua

      [Speedy 40 Damier Ebene Canvas] can be found at ION LV store?
      somebody can reply me? I need it at next sunday…

  • Ms Jd

    I went to LV in MBS just last weekend with my friend. We want to buy a bag as gift for our friend. While roaming around I saw 2 salesperson looking and scornfully smiling after they stare the particular customer choosing a bag. I am standing next to them they cannot understand the lady’s accent so the lady approched me to translate, she is from china but trying to speak broken english the chinese male saleperson still talk in english..wow! not flexible to understand horr argh! ok the lady appoached me to translate asking which credit card best to use for her purchase. The male salesperson is so sarcastic telling the person ” use the one which can handle the amount, i cannot decide for her credit cards depends on the currency in their country.. i think she should decide for herself if she have credit limit” i found it so sarcastic that i told the lady exactly what he told me and it was really so rude.. i left without buying anything as my friend who is beside me was also upset telling the salesperson ‘u did not answer the question at all, u shouldn’t let people feel ur bitterness’… lmao i was so surprise and went out laughing

  • This is my first time go to see at here and i am truly impressed
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  • lola

    So far i’ve never experienced any rudeness from these SAs be it from LV Ion, LV taka, Miu Miu Ion, Ferragamo Ion and Coach Ion. They all serves me very well and very polite all because……they thought I am Indonesian Chinese hahahahahaha!!! Well, sometimes ur look plays a part. Too bad, if they are really belongs to the snobbish rude SAs you guys has been mentioning above, this means that they has been cheated by my appearance. hahah!!

  • lola

    oh not forgetting LV and Miumiu at MBS too, they are nice, really! But you gotta have those ibu-ibu from Indon looks (or Tai-Tai) haha!!

  • Candy Wong

    I hav never been there before but this is xmas season I think of experiencing it today. LV outlets should setup more at bugis, yishun or areas out of town. I wonder I go in for window shopping only will be ok. Best submit yr complains to LV HQ .



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  • Lv shine

    Hi there
    Can someone please tell me the cost in $SGD for the LV shine scarf in black?
    Thank you in advance ☺

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