Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Alma

When I first saw these bags down the runway, I had the feeling that they’d be a total hit. I may have this thing for sparkly stuff but that doesn’t cloud my judgement. I present to you the dazzling Alma from Fall/Winter 2009’s Monogram Eclipse line of leathergoods. Vuitton decided to scrap off the bag-in-a-bag feature and leather chain strap detail. I’m not sure if the bags look better with or without those details but there’s just one thing I’m sure of… Monogram Eclipse is vivaciously beautiful.

This reincarnation of the classic Alma is crafted from the iconic Monogram canvas but this time it’s been painstakingly embroidered with stunning sequins to create a dazzling effect. Another feature to this exuberant bag is its hotel room key inspired zip puller made from golden brass hardware. It also has a comfortable flat leather handle with handmade leather knots and graphic eyelets. Longer straps which means that the bag can be carried by hand, elbow or shoulder. And to cap it off, Eclipse Alma’s leather trims are made from calfskin and bottom studs to protect the base of the bag from nasty surfaces. The delicateness of the embroidery might be an issue and it would be a disaster if the sequins would unravel but I’m not quite informed regarding this matter, I’ll try to find out but if you know, drop in some comments below.

Monogram Eclipse Alma comes in two colors, Black and Amber. It measures 11″ x 8.3″ x 5.5″, a bit smaller compared to the Monogram and Damier versions. Eclipse Alma is available at Louis Vuitton starting today, August 15th for US$2470.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • LVMode

    I'm just wondering if there is a consensus with everyone as to what their favourite colour is thus far? I'm finding it very hard to decide (without seeing them IRL yet) between the black or ombré.

    Maybe go the black Alma then get the gold speedy Eclipse???

    IDK…what do you think?

  • yourbestfriendxoxo


  • Bag Brag Diva

    I want one!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Black Alma!!! Absolutely stunning!

  • Anonymous

    The must have fall/winter bag for 2009 is the beautiful black alma.

  • Anonymous

    I have just bought the black Alma. Looks more glamourous and flashy then the golden one. Hurry if you want one coz they only get a very few pieces per shop and they sell out quickly. I got mine in Germany. I was lucky to get it on Friday when it arrived, but they told me it won't be displayed in the boutique since they don't want tourists from abroad to buy it.

  • Anonymous

    I bought the black Alma and gold Pochette. The black Alma is the best out of the collection.

  • Anonymous

    I just purchased the Black Alma and it is one Amazing Alma-The quality/craftsmanship of this line is superior-not fussy-not fragile. Substantial & Beautiful!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone who has the LV Alma handbag tell me if the handles are long enough to wear it on your shoulder, and, is the bag itself heavy to carry with all that gorgeous hardware. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I got the bkack alma, its stunning, the handles are not long enough to wear on the shoulder, and its very light.

  • Anonymous

    I have it !!!!!! 😀 It's simply gorgeous

  • sakoul

    is it authentic?

  • Anonymous

    wow is it authentic? wow someone needs to learn about louis vuitton and stop being a poser if you dont know your stuff you must not have the money to buy good shit

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the ambre alma still available for sale? if so, would appreciate let me know the store contact number.

  • Anonymous

    I have a ambre alma if anyone there is interested feel free to contact me, i am selling it for an affordable price coz one of its rivet was lost.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how much this bag is going for now?
    A keen person from UK

  • Both the eclipse speedy and the alma are available at shopbellabag.com, authentic resale shop.

  • jackie huebner

    What happened to my purchase ??????????