Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Care Instructions

The stunning Monogram Eclipse bags from Vuitton’s Fall 2009 Collection is very special as it has been made with stunning sequins that are intricately stitched to the Monogram canvas. Pieces from this line would not be considered as an everyday item thus additional care would need to be taken when using an item from the Monogram Eclipse collection, just as any sequined/embroidered item.

Here are the recommended care instructions for the pieces from Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Eclipse collection:

•The iconic canvas is covered with light-reflecting sequins, embroidered with precision and highlighting the iconic pattern.

•The strength of the canvas and the nylon threads used correspond to the highest level of quality.

•However, please note that sequins are by nature abrasive when in contact with textile and leather, especially smooth leathers and delicate, lighter textiles such as silk. It is advised that you wear the product with caution, preferably as a hand-carry, whilst avoiding repetitive rubbing.

•For superficial stains, the use of a clear soft, dry cloth is advised.

For more information about the Monogram Eclipse, feel free to read about the pieces from these links:
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Image via Louis Vuitton


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