Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Speedy 28

If you like the Monogram Eclipse Alma, I bet you’d like this too. Its the Monogram Eclipse Speedy 28, its bigger than the 25 and smaller than the 30… 28!

Eclipse Speedy is a glammed up version of the classic, a totally practical bag with a tantalizing sparkle. The sequins are meticulously embroidered against the iconic Monogram canvas to form the Monogram which slightly obscures the pattern underneath, that’s why the bags are called Eclipse… so witty! Eclipse Speedy also features two hotel room key inspired zipper pulls, long and comfortable flat calfskin leather handles with handmade leather knots and graphic eyelets, it has double flat pocket inside for organization, and bottom studs to protect the base of the bag.

Monogram Eclipse Speedy 28 comes in two lovely colors, Black and Gold. Both measures 28 cm or 11″ x 8.3″ x 5.5″ to be exact. Its now available exclusively at Louis Vuitton stores for US$2160. More photos after the jump…

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Maria

    is the eclipse alma and speedy about the same size? If so, the alma must be small.. might as well get the eclipse speedy as it is cheaper.. but both are sensational! hard decision…

  • Anonymous

    I am disappointed by this season's bag collection: they are too small! … as I like to lug around large/medium bags. I can save money, which is good.

  • Bag Brag Diva

    Totallt bling y'all!

  • Anonymous

    these are beautiful bags- I saw both irl yesterday at LV. both can be used as day bags although the black is probably more appropriate but for those who like a lot of bling and for their bags to enter the room first, the gold is sensational. I do not normally care for sequins and metallics but the combination of the sumptuous brown leather and the oversized keyfob closures plus the sequins make them winners imo!

  • Anonymous

    For the person who likes to lug around large bags,go buy yourself a keepall! These bags are perfect size fashion bags,day or night they will look great,which saves you money only needing one bag! I myself am buying the COQUETTE in bunny pink. BUT if i were to get one of the above i would go for the gold speedy,fabulous!

  • kef2

    They really are lovely but I don't like the circles that attach the handle to the bag, they just don't look right in my opinion. What does anyone else think?? Perhaps they need to be gold like the rest of the hardware?

  • acid

    love the sequins. and the silver circles look great. in theory, silver hardware would clashe with gold but this actually works! 😀

    (my own LV worship is at http://twodeeme.blogspot.com/2009/08/fantasy-bag-no-1-louis-vuitton.html )

  • songs

    a very expensive brand!

  • Anonymous

    I have mine eclipse speedy at home.
    it's lovely

  • Forever Fresh Clothing Co.


  • Anonymous

    I have the black alma and gold pochette and absolutely LOVE them!!! They are fabulous!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just bought the gold speedy last one they made and I am so happy!!!!!
    best $2300 ever spent!

  • Anonymous

    oh it maybe on ebay watch out for it itz the last one in the country..

  • Anonymous

    I bought the speedy eclipse in gold last week… it's totally fabulous, really ! !! And indeed, it's bling bling all the way ! xxx ISA

    • Mary

      I was wondering if you wanted to sell your gold lv bag! Please le tme know Thank-you

  • Anonymous

    these bags are much better in person, photos don't do them justice. my local boutique recently got a gold speedy for me…love it!

  • Anonymous

    may i know how much for this at uk Louis Vuitton stores?

  • Anonymous

    These are no longer for sale, all sold out! may be able to find one on ebay.

  • Anonymous

    loveeee them! pictures say nothing! in person b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

  • Tama Inzer

    OMG this is so funny! Me and my girlfriend were just fighting over this last week! She will be so angry when she sees I was right. Fantastic blog 😉

  • lubin

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