Louis Vuitton 20th Anniversary of the Monogram Shawl

To celebrate the anniversary of its emblematic scarf, Louis Vuitton has created three versions of the iconic Monogram Shawl, illustrating the trends of the past 20 years. The Monogram print has thus been reinterpreted, inspired in turn by:

Monogram Shawl ROCK
Vinyl Touch

In tribute to the vinyl years, the Rock shawl celebrates the wild side of rock. The shawl is made from wool with dyed jacquard pattern and silk which undergoes a special lamination process and emblematic hemstitchings which gives it a glamorous hint of vinyl. Monogram Shawl Rock comes in a black pouch with a pink Louis Vuitton signature. Available at Louis Vuitton stores and online at louisvuitton.com for $745.

Monogram Shawl Pois
Yin & Yang Japanese Minimalism

Referencing the Japanese wave and the quiet beauty of Japanese minimalism, the Monogram Pois shawl is a wonderfully comfortable wrap named after ‘spots’, which is predominantly showcased as soft black velvet dots over the classic Monogram base for a Yin & Yang look. Made from silk and wool with dyed jacquard pattern, the shawl is available at Louis Vuitton for $745 and comes in a black pouch with pink Louis Vuitton signature.

Monogram Shawl Grunge
Vintage Grunge Washed

Crumpled to reflect the alternative era of grunge movement, this striking shawl offers a touch of luxury with an edge. It’s made from silk and wool with fringe details. During the weaving process, two different yarns were woven together in a jacquard pattern to create the two-tone aesthetic. Grunge tops its looks by having studs and metallic ornaments around the Louis Vuitton Paris signature. Monogram Shawl Grunge is available at Louis Vuitton for $745 and also comes in a black pouch with pink Louis Vuitton signature.

Image via Louis Vuitton