Parsons & Louis Vuitton’s RECONSTRUCTION: A Live Competition

On Thursday September 17th, Louis Vuitton has set up a competition for the fashion design students of Parsons The New School for Design in which ten two-person teams got to reconstruct garments by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and create new conceptual looks to dress musicians from the Nouveau Classical Project on October 2nd. This exciting event was held in the Aronson Gallery of the Parsons building on Fifth Ave/13 Street from 9 am to 6 pm.

According to Bobbin Talk, “Fashion design students from the Parsons School entered the contest with sketch submissions of garment proposals in teams of two and only ten were selected to compete in the all day event. he participating students, who are all in their senior year at Parsons, included the teams of Min Sun Kim and Yeo Chung Kim, Gabrielle Arruda and Erin Barr; Gabrielle D’Amico and Angela Brugioni; Nicole Mobasser and Tiffany Ma; Katharine Leaver and Victoria Choi; Jayoon Choi and Angela Lee; Han-Ching (Paula) Cheng and Shi Hui Mei S. Lim; Stacey Cunningham and Jacqueline Carrillo; Sarah Jung and Ivy Yen-Chu Chen; and Laura Siegel and Niloufar Mozafari.”. The esteemed panel of judges who evaluated the reconstructed looks include Daniel Lalonde, President and CEO, Louis Vuitton North America, Harold Koda, curator-in-charge, Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Nick Sullivan, Director of Esquire Magazine, Robert Verdi, TV host/personality, Sugar Vendil, Nouveau Classical.” At the end of the day, Min Sun Kim and Yeo Chung Kim won the competition and received a $2,500 cash award and an invitation to visit the Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show in Paris on February 2010.

I actually wish I was a Parsons student and join this competition (though I’m currently applying for the Fall 2010 admissions… wish me luck!). I really want to get invited to a Vuitton show and watch the magic happen right before my eyes. It would totally be an amazing experience and I would definitely feel that all the hard work I’ve put onto this blog has paid off. Anyway, enough of me, here are some links to Bobbin Talk’s posts about the said event:

Parsons and Louis Vuitton Live Competition
Parsons and Louis Vuitton Live Competition Winners

Photo of the winners and the winning look after the jump…

The talented girls, Min Sun Kim and Yeo Chung Kim with piano player Sugar Vendil

Images via Bobbin Talk, Louis Vuitton Twitter


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    Please credit the images correctly! All photos are taken by BobbinTalk during the event. And also please make the BobbinTalk link clickable to

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  • nouveauclassical

    This event was a ton of fun and so inspiring! We are very excited about wearing the reconstructed LV costumes.

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    @ Aneta: So sorry, my bad. I totally forgot to change the image credit. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

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    I love it!

  • nouveauclassical

    Reconstruction concert tickets featuring the winning designs available now!