Happy 19th To Me!

Last year, I was really stressed out about the thought of being 18, but now I really don’t care that I’m a year older.. I’ll just save all my anxiety for my 20th. :p

I’m really thankful for everything that has happened to me. For my family, my friends, experiences and everything in between… I cherish them all.

Its only been an hour since 12 AM and I already received some gifts…

Check it out after the jump…

Introducing my first Louis Vuitton piece. My first ever! And its a gift from my dear friend LVMode from Australia. I’m so happy! I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Its really funny coz I posted a photo of the Macassar luggage tag hot stamped with my initials as my birthday wish in Facebook. I’ve never thought that LVMode would get it for my birthday, I was really shocked… I’m still shocked, and so happy. If only you saw my face, you’d die laughing.. Haha..

One of my lifetime wishes is to collect Vuitton luggage tags with my initials from all over the world (along with being the creative director/designer and revive the House of Madeleine Vionnet and more). I thought that my first luggage tag would be from Hong Kong (I was supposed to go to the Vuitton exhibit last July but I cancelled). Who would have ever thought that I won’t have to ride a plane to start my collection? I’m just ecstatic!

LVMode has been bombarded with thank yous from me in the past hour but still, I’d like to say it again. Thank you!


Image via LVMode


  • Anonymous

    Loved this website, keep it up!!

  • Kayla Dixon

    Happy Happy birthday!!
    Your site is my heroin.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday To You!!!

    Thank you for setting up this great website.

  • Anonymous

    happy bday! i read your blog regularly 🙂
    gosh! you're so young! 🙂


  • T-Charry

    happy birthday to YOU!

    I wish for everything you post, LOVE the site!

  • Tina

    Happy Birthday To You! I like your blog very much. I also added it to favorites and I’ll be your constant reader.

  • poo

    happy birthday…………… l in love with…..your website……..

  • SE@N

    Happy Birthday… and you're only 19 ??? you are a baby…

  • LVMode

    Happy birthday once again Bengt, I hope you are having a great day.

    Thanks for your comments xxx.

  • Alessia

    Happy Birthday Bengt! and don't care about being old…you're soooooo young! 😉

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    My best Whises, happy birthday

  • 羅麟

    Happy Birthday Bengt!

  • Bengt

    Thanks guys for your greetings..
    Its one of the funnest birthdays I've ever had since ages ago.. 😀

    Much love,


  • Anonymous

    congrats! Happy birthday. way to go..

  • Anonymous

    I love the site!! Thanks so much for sharing you lvoe for LV with all of us!! Happy Birthday Bengt!