Louis Vuitton City Guide 2010

Perfectly capturing the spirit of cities with words and imagination.Inspired writing, a pleasure to read and a feeling of discovery for a unique urban immersion. For ten years now, Louis Vuitton has been sharing its passion for travel and city life.

Providing an attentive, informed commentary on the changes shaking the heart of cities and voicing off-beat views on fashion, design, the arts and gastronomy, each guide highlights the latest trends and offers unique advice.

Drawing on the talents of journalists and writers, the Louis Vuitton City Guide collection successfully and daringly combines traditional values with new aspects, traditional locations with extravagant ones, known with unknown and out of the ordinary.

Luxury and charming hotels, gourmet restaurants and local bistros, typical markets and delicatessens, antiquarians and designers, museums and fashion shops, essential or little-known monuments… with 40 international destinations and 10,000 addresses, the 2010 edition offers the traveller an insider’s guide into these cities.


The latest collection of Louis Vuitton City Guides are opening up new cities and adding fresh perspectives to old favorites. London, Los Angeles and Rome are also being offered for the first time in individual box sets. Major capitals – Athens, Berlin, Istanbul, London, Moscow and Paris have been revisited. While the indispensable European edition is adding eight new destinations to its map: Basel, Deauville, Genoa, Knokke-le-Zoute, Leeds, Mykonos, Malaga and Tel Aviv.


The ability to capture the spirit of the city it’s written about is just one of the elements that makes Louis Vuitton City Guides unique. The 10th edition goes even further. For each city a distinguished figure reveals their favourite off-the-beaten track addresses. Ricardo Bofill, a top Barcelona architect, Samuel Keller, the man behind Art Basel and Frederic Mitterrand, previously director of the Villa Medicis in Rome, and many more, share the secrets of their address books.


The 2010 edition of City Guides are as practical as they are unique. Schematic maps allow travellers to find their bearings easily and identify the city’s key addresses. While a new themed approach and a cultural focus unlocks surprising treasures. For example, in the Rome City Guide the Italian actress Isabella Ferrari shines a spotlight on movie locations. The new editions also bear a new design that draws its inspiration from the vintage labels that the House used for its trunks and luggage in the past.



“The essential vade mecum for the urban traveller.”

Contemporary luxury hotels, boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, chef’s bistros, artists’ haunts, wine bars, chocolate shops, delicatessens, art and design galleries, museums, spas, fashion stores, etc. True to its passion for originality, the Louis Vuitton City Guide combines the tried and tested with the new, traditional locations with extravagant ones, the known with the unknown.
An indispensable vade mecum for the urban traveller, the 2010 vintage explores 31 European cities through some 7,000 addresses chosen with flair and discernment. Featuring simple and practical maps, it revisits the major capitals – Athens, Berlin, Istanbul, London, Moscow and Paris – and touches down for the first time in Basel, Deauville, Knokke-le-Zoute, Mykonos, Malaga and Tel Aviv. Highlighting the latest trends and offering unique advice, the Louis Vuitton City Guide also includes insights from exceptional individuals and provides a completely up-to-date Grand Tour of Europe.

Paris, Bordeaux, Deauville, Marseille, London, Leeds, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Knokke-le-Zoute, Geneva, Basel, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Rome, Genoa, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Lisbon, Moscow, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Athens, Mykonos, Istanbul, Tel Aviv


“Not to be seen in this Mayfair menagerie is social suicide. A waiter once served for ruling families in one sitting during Royal Ascot week. Beat that.”

Published for the first time in an individual box set, the Louis Vuitton City Guide to London offers the keys to an elegant metropolis unlike any other with some 500 insider addresses: historic residences converted into B&Bs, avant-garde restaurants, cocktail bars or flawlessly stylish men’s tailors. Whether they are on the hunt for a pink diamond, a gourmet pudding, designer furniture or a little on-trend outfit, clear and practical maps will guide the traveller through the inventive, off-beat world of the British capital.


“The cobb salad at this chintz-filled cottage, nestled on a power shopping block is the lunch of choice. The paparazzi lining the picket fence love it too.”

This first edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guide to Los Angeles reveals the secrets of an often wonderful and at times surreal metropolis. Its clear and practical maps and some 500 addresses are a passport to the most secret corners of Malibu beach, the fabulous spas and shops of Beverly Hills, the stars’ favourite cafés and the best sushi bars on the west side. Not forgetting the dream factories of major movie studios and a vibrant, ever-evolving art scene.


“Early morning, it’s packed with a mix of financiers and style mavens, judging by the snatches of conversation over crockery.”

The Louis Vuitton City Guide explores and unveils many facets of Paris through some 500 addresses, selected with flair and discernment. Luxury and charming hotels, great restaurants with young chefs and local canteens, fashion maestros and design trailblazers, committed galleries and secret museums have all been probed with a fresh, iconoclastic eye. With its clear, practical maps, this guide will unlock the city’s dazzling treasures for curious travellers and seasoned insiders alike.


“And everywhere, frescoes, polychrome marble fountains, monumental doors and worn stone staircases add to the charm of these places.”

For the first time, the Louis Vuitton City Guide shines a light into the most hidden facets of the Eternal City with some 500 exclusive addresses. Chic hotels, wickedly tempting patisseries, sumptuous museums, mouth-watering trattorias, bespoke tailors, bubbly bars and exceptional goldsmiths. This unique guide offers an invitation to taste every aspect of this magical city. Its clear and practical maps make it easy to find your bearings, inviting travellers to stroll and discover terraces and gardens, squares and villas, legendary fountains and secret cloisters.


“Or exuberance as a way of life.”

For the first time, the Louis Vuitton City Guide is shining its light into every corner of this flamboyant, sunny city through some 450 exclusive addresses. Luxury bars and hotels on the beach, Cuban cafes and top seafood restaurants, nightclubs and night-time parties around the pool, extravagant fashion stores, pioneering museums and avant-garde galleries, Art Deco monuments…The Miami City Guide also suggests a number of tropical escapades that offer a relaxing alternative to the frenzy of this capital of hedonism. Clear, practical maps allow you to find your way around the city and the surrounding area easily.


“The vibrant, intellectual, legendary city.”

The Louis Vuitton City Guide explores every must-see venue in this effervescent capital through some 500 exclusive addresses. Grand hotels and luxury bars, world-class restaurants, intimate diners, offbeat clubs, fashion designers, furniture makers and innovative art galleries…The selection has been thoroughly updated for the fifth edition of this indispensable guide, which reveals the creative heart of New York. Clear, practical maps allow you to find your bearings easily throughout the city.


“A fascinating, bewitching megalopolis.”

In its debut edition, the Louis Vuitton City Guide to Mumbai explores every facet of this dynamic metropolis through 450 exclusive addresses: luxury hotels and guesthouses, spice-scented restaurants, artisanal fashion and design with a contemporary edge, stunning jewelry, exceptional museums and temples, and fabulous Bollywood stars. This astonishing guide also offers the opportunity to discover three legendary Rajasthan cities – Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur – which offer a haven of rest after the hectic pace of Mumbai.


“Disorienting, innovative, traditional, surprising.”

For the first time in its history, the Louis Vuitton City Guide is stopping off in Tokyo and exploring the many facets of the buzzing Japanese capital through 600 duly and uncompromisingly chosen addresses. Ryokan, luxury and love hotels, chic cafes, tearooms, gourmet delights, top restaurants and secret gardens, not forgetting the cream of fashion and design, electronic Tokyo and the best of Otaku underground culture. This reference guide offers orientation maps and a collector’s manga specially created by the celebrated artist Leiji Matsumoto for the Louis Vuitton City Guide to Tokyo.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    this is amazing!

  • isabelle

    I went to new york last week with my LV city guide, we tried 4 restaurants and 2 bistrots of the book – and indeed – great adresses ! Those are the best city guides ever … ; )
    i think now I 'm gonna get the one about Vienna!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I want to have these! I need it badly.

  • Sam

    Just received my Miami guide and has everything you need in a guide. Prices of hotel are not as accurate as I hoped, some more than or less than predicted in the reviews, but other than that these are a must have for anyone visiting these cities for the first time. Great stocking-stuffers!

  • Anonymous

    I'm using the Los Angeles guide to get around this great city. Whoever wrote the movie bits knows their stuff and has a wry sense of humour. Great guide; one of the few well written enough to read on a rainy day holed up in your hotel.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the previous comments. I bought six of the Los Angeles guides as stocking fillers and I live in LA! I learned more about my city from the guide than my school teachers ever taught me. One example: It seems our house architecture is world class!

  • Anonymous

    I'm recently back from a visit to los Angeles with the family, using the LV guide all the way. It's indespensible.

    I followed its recommendation and visited the art deco train station – beautiful! Saw areas used in movies. Also visited the early Mexican quarter (Alvera Street) also recommended. Got back to the hotel arms full of Mexcan-made gifts.

    Both places made a whole day's visit. Without the guide I would never have ventured that far with my family. Great stuff.

    Christopher and Marge