Louis Vuitton Haute Joaillerie: L’Aime du Voyage

I have first showed you guys a preview of Louis Vuitton’s first Haute Joaillerie collection and now, the collection has finally been shown to us in its full glamorous entirety. But for those who are not familiar (Haute J– what?!), Haute Joaillerie is the ultimate expressions of luxury and creativity in jewellery making. If Haute Couture is to clothes, Haute Cuisine is to food, then Haute Joaillerie is to jewellery.

This post is an overview of the whole collection, I will then show you each piece from each set in the collection in utmost detail to give justice to its beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship. Separate post for each set.

For over 150 years, Louis Vuitton has created and offered products to its customers which embody an exceptional know-how combined with constant innovation. These two characteristics are the core values of the branched which are closely associated with the world of travel.

Today, Louis Vuitton opens the doors of a new universe, Haute Joaillerie, one of the ultimate expressions of luxury and creativity. LV called on the creativity of Lorenz Baümer, one of the most talented upcoming jewelry designers of his generation.

Louis Vuitton’s first Haute Joaillerie collection called L’Aime du Voyage (The Soul of the Trip), and consists of six sets which is different in form and inspiration: the Cabaret, Shanghai,

I have seen the entire collection and all I can say is that its not only perfect, its  beyond! Vuitton has certainly made this right, every part of it. The designer, Lorenz Baümer was absolutely amazing, his inspiration was in line to Vuitton’s core values, he combined his intellect and emotion which then made the collection both cerebral yet evokes passion and sheer brilliance. I’m no fan of jewelries and I’m not a girl, but I am in love with every piece. It tells a story I want to hear.

Now that you know my opinion, I think it’s just right to let Lorenz tell his.

“I created the “L’Aime du Voyage” collection like a lover caresses his dreams – free and daring. By fashioning them in precious stones and fine gold, I gave substance to these sensations, to these memories gathered here and there on my travels, during my strolls, or my reveries. This rainbow of a thousand images is my faithful companion along the way, a navigator’s log that is perpetually full of wonder. From the tumultuous frenzy of the ballrooms to the majestic silence of a simple church, and the delicacy of cherry trees in bloom, I let myself be seduced by the ocuntless facets of The Beyond. This kaleidoscope of images, of glimmers and music, is the source of my inspiration. I fashion and sculpt these images that inhabit my mind like a painter mixes and invents his palettes. I express an imagination by juggling the different plays on light, color and materials, and the degree of their alliances. One of the themes magnifies the movement, celebrates the giddiness and swirls of a sumptuous dance. Is it about a wave that continues endlessly? Or the bewitching splendor of a tornado? A ferocious tango? Or a fond memory of a mountain of whipped cream?

When the best artisans in the best workshops told me that my ideas were unachievable, I knew that I had reached the right place. In other words, nowhere – where no one had been before, far from the usual settings, and far from the conventions of the metier, with the profound essence of my ideas as my only companion. To excel, to find other answers, to explore a new language of jewelry, to break virgin territory, this is why I create.

One of my necklaces reflects the perfection of the circle, the meticulous complexity of the wheels of a watch, and the richness of a tribal ornament – a design where harmony is disengaged from asymmetry, and lightness from emptiness. The lace of the Monogram flowers is one of the most ingenious solutions that attracted me. Worked like a precious web in a fabric of gold, the fine lace at the avant-garde of jewelry savoir-faire, is an exceptional feat.

This innovative spirit is also revealed in the extraordinary qualities of the Louis Vuitton diamonds. With its two Monogram cuts, I knew I was on the cuts of a new era in fine jewelry. Falling in love with such recognizable forms – that gave the diamond unprecedented sparkle – I have the privilege of designing a setting for them, of sculpting them a story. But all of this would be nothing without the emotion of a woman deeply moved by the beauty of a jewel that resonates within her, tears of joy that I will never forget – and love, always love. Quite simply jewelry is the companion of happiness and I invite you on this journey…

Live, love and dream.”

Image via Louis Vuitton