Louis Vuitton Haute Joaillerie: Exceptional Craftsmanship

There are three important components to creating the luxurious L’Aime du Voyage, Louis Vuitton’s first Haute Joaillerie collection by Lorenz Baümer. Let’s get to know them:

The Lace

Golden lace, created by Lorenz Bäumer for Louis Vuitton, enhances each piece of jewellery. Sculpted by the hand of a master, this remarkable new technical achievement showcases the extraordinary savoir-faire of the goldsmith. Each delicate web is a unique masterpiece of ingenuity and interprets, through the jeweller’s prism, the extreme sensitivity of the feminine fabric. Formed from an asymmetrical bouquet of Monogram flowers, which are cut out, deconstructed and then reconstructed, the ultra-light gold mesh plays on transparency. Like the finest lingerie, this precious gold lace exudes elusive sensuality.

Louis Vuitton Diamonds

A remarkably daring idea. A remarkably beautiful result. Two extraordinary diamond cuts. The Louis Vuitton Flower cut and the Louis Vuitton Star cut were developed by Louis Vuitton and inspired by the lines of the Monogram flowers. Fashioned like the two legendary symbols of the Maison, each precious stone reveals unbelie-vable sparkle.

Hand-cut, the diamonds follow either the sinuous contours of the rounded flower or the sharper lines of the pointed one. With their exceptional brilliance, every Louis Vuitton diamond is recognizable at first glance. The stones are cut in perfect symmetry. Both a complicated design and a technical challenge, the diamond flowers, with their rounded or pointed petals, reveal unprecedented brilliance. Whilst a standard brilliant cut stone has 58 facets, the Louis Vuitton Monogram flowers have between 65 and 77, increasing their light and sparkle to infinity.

The Stones

The collection features colours that are as cohesive as they are original. Each is associated with a specific chromatic palette with each theme expressing itself in a range of exquisite tones. The soft hues translate the pastel alliance of pink sapphires, giving the jewellery an impression of subtle softness in perfect harmony with its curves and its curls. Like an Art Nouveau stained glass window, one of the necklaces magnifies the glow of blue and orange sapphires with green tsavorits through the perfect form of the golden circle. Elsewhere, the daring of blue sapphires clings to the swirls of a necklace, sparkling with an evening light. Delicate monochromes or shimmering contrasts, the colours follow the forms, yielding to the will of the design and the demands of the creation.

Images via Louis Vuitton