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Maîtres du Savoir-Faire: Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst was born in 1965 in Bristol, UK. He lives and works in London and Devon.He has participated in numerous group exhibitions including Into Me / Out of Me, […]

Maîtres du Savoir-Faire: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy and Alfred “Home Away From Home” Marc Jacobs’ loyal companion’s travelling home Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton TECHNICAL DETAILS: Closed (cm): L 99* W 70* H 74 […]

Maîtres du Savoir-Faire: Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz Nomadic Photographer’s Bag Internationally renowned portrait photographer TECHNICAL DETAILS: Shoulder bag dimensions (cm): L 40* W 21* H 23 Back Pack dimensions (cm): L 33* W 19* H […]

Maîtres du Savoir-Faire: Patrick-Louis Vuitton

Patrick-Louis Vuitton Watercolor Case TECHNICAL DETAILS: Dimensions closed trunk (cm): L 32* W 35* H 14 Dimensions open trunk (cm): L 43* W 39* H 43 MATERIAL: Exterior: Brown alligator […]

Maîtres du Savoir-Faire: Gustavo Santaolalla

Gustavo Santaolalla Roncoco Case The Academy Award winning Musician’s case TECHNICAL DETAILS: Dimensions for close trunk (cm): L 82* W 29* H 16 Dimensions for open trunk (cm): L 82* […]

Maîtres du Savoir-Faire: Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià Travel Case The starred chef’s luggage TECHNICAL DETAILS: Suitcase dimensions (cm): L 40* W 18* H 55 Briefcase dimensions (cm): L 40* W 15* H 45 MATERIAL: Exterior: […]

Louis Vuitton L’Excellence du Savoir-Faire: The Special Orders Tradition

Special orders are a glorious tradition at Louis Vuitton, which has always taken pride in fulfilling its customers’ most excep- tional requests. From the legendary foldout trunk-bed designed by Louis […]

Louis Vuitton L’Excellence du Savoir-Faire: Asnières

Asnières: The Workshop The Asnières workshop near Paris is unquestionably the nerve centre of Louis Vuitton. For more than a century, from 1859 until 1977, it was the company’s sole […]