Maîtres du Savoir-Faire: Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià Travel Case
The starred chef’s luggage

Suitcase dimensions (cm): L 40* W 18* H 55
Briefcase dimensions (cm): L 40* W 15* H 45

Exterior: Damier graphite black canvas
Interior: Black microfibre

Widely regarded as the world’s greatest chef, Ferran Adrià of elBulli has revolutionized contem- porary cuisine with his explosive combinations of texture, temperature and taste. Located on the Catalan coast north of Barcelona, elBulli has, in addition to its three Michelin stars, been rated the world’s best restaurant for the past four years by Restaurant Magazine, while Ferran Adrià himself was named in Time as one of the 100 most influential personalities on the planet. He has also been awarded honorary doctorates by the Universities of Barcelona and Aberdeen.

elBulli is closed for six months a year, during which Ferran Adrià works with his team at his elBulli Taller “laboratory” on the creation of some 120 new dishes every season. He also travels tirelessly for inspiration, conferences and gastronomic events, prompting him to request a set of luggage that he could take with him onboard an aircraft. Louis Vuitton designed a light trolley case in Damier Graphite canvas containing a series of made-to- measure pouches to separate Ferran Adrià’s personal effects from his cooking equipment all of which are a perfect fit to the inside of the case.

This set of baggage is accompanied by a remov- able tray for his knives, which – even when they belong to a world-famous chef – must travel in the hold. Finally, a soft briefcase, designed to rest on the retractable handle of the cabin case, holds Ferran Adrià’s documents and travel tickets.


Louis Vuitton’s celebration of the Excellence du Savoir-faire calls for the collaboration of artists who posses a unique “know-how”. What was your initial reaction to receiving such an invitation?

Ferran Adrià: For me it’s an honour that a brand such as Louis Vuitton thought of me for such an important collaboration, it’s fantastic to be involved in this project aside such marvellous creative people that I admire so much.

When creating a special order with Louis Vuitton, the item created is to be unique and personal. What makes this special order Ferran Adrià’s?

Ferran Adrià: My special order is imagined by a person that travels a lot and who doesn’t want to check in his luggage in order to save time. At the same time, my schedule during each trip is so full that I cannot take the risk of loosing my luggage. It is a creation that is practical and which resolves all of these problems.

A perfect occasion to celebrate the 150th anniversaries of the Red Cross and Louis Vuitton’s first workshop in Asnières, an auction will be organized where all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross; is there anything you’d like to say to the potential buyer of your special order?

Ferran Adrià: Simply that this trunk was made with a lot of affection by Louis Vuitton and I, thus making it truly unique and the proceeds raised from the auction of this exceptional piece will be used in aid of people who are really in need.

Images via Louis Vuitton