Louis Vuitton Maison One Central, Macau: Tour of the Store

The Architecture of One Central Maison

The 7th Maison in Louis Vuitton’s network, One Central is a grand statement to manifest the Malletier’s relentless pursuit of design innovation to demonstrate its rich legacy of travel culture and flawless craftsmanship.


3_Exterior Facade 3

The store is a dazzling show piece with a façade made up to 50,800 backlit, vertically aligned sculpted flowers with colored LEDs to produce a kinetic reflection which sets the tone of its interior where lights, textural contrasts and sumptuous touches take center stage. Measuring 1,600 sq. meters and merging seamlessly with the mall’s custom striped façade on Level 3, the prominent exterior inspired by the iconic Monogram flowers is one of the largest façades in Asia Pacific.

The majestic shell provides an inspiring platform for the architectural team in Paris to refine the House’s latest “Promenade” scheme which interconnects platforms and levels to distinguish spatial characters and clear visibility of this 3-leveled, 1,633 square-meter plan.

To celebrate this opening, special store windows to commemorate this event were exclusively designed playing on the theme of the “slot machine”, adding a touch of fun to this event.

Level 1: Men’s Universe, Travel Room and Bags Bar

4_Men's Universe

The main entrance on the ground floor opens to a spacious men’s universe where ward wood flooring and ceiling treatments define men’s ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories corners in a cozy gentleman’s club-like ambience with wood panels and stylish seating. The first Bag Bar for men makes its debut with a 4.5 meter line-up at One Central to meet the diversified tastes and ever-increasing demand of the style-consious gentlemen.

5_Travel Room

Facing the men’s world is the Travel Room, where a 103″ video screen playing archival animated and still images, signature travel luggage and trunks, travel products and books are in place to tribute to the House’s cornerstone of travel culture, adventurous explorations and discovery.

6_Women's Bags Bar 17_Women's Bags Bar 2

Contrasting masculinity is an 8.5 meter Bags Bar for women in double-storey space which adjoins the upper watch and jewelry salon and women’s universe. The walls and ceiling are glazed with a custom striped pattern for a subtle kinetic effect corresponding to the mall façade on Level 3.

16_Unreal Scene Macao by Liu Jian Hua

An art piece titled unreal scene – a Macau city sculpture in poker chips – created specially for this store by Liu Jianhua stands in the center to demonstrate Louis Vuitton’s art patronage closely associated with the cultures and social landscapes of the host cities.

The mezzanine between Levels 1 and 2 houses the women’s accessories room covered in white leather panels to highlight the exquisite designs.

8_Watch & Jewellery, Wall of Wonders9_High End Wall

Extending from women’s accessories room is the watch and jewelry salon treated in cream and dark lacuqer panels for a sumptuous and noble feel to reflect the exceptional craftsmanship behind the timer and valuables. Simply drawing a sheer curtain will privatize a VIP area for customer’s private viewings. Niched between the 2 sections is a “Wall of Wonders”, a backdrop to showcase some of Louis Vuitton’s extraordinary high end items.

Level 2: Women’s Universe

11_Women's RTW10_Women's Universe

The bright space and light colors of the women’s universe is a stark contrast to the masculine mood of Level 1 where natural light lacquer panels highlight exceptional leather goods.

Moving towards the façade corner with lake and city views, customers will indulge in the feminine and luxurious touches at the ready-to-wear area defined by chic designer seating and a private salon ambience.

12_Women's Shoes

Adjacent to the balcony overlooking the Level 1 Bags Bar, the staircase ascending to Level 3 is a master installation and a work craftsmanship. Cantilevered stone threads attached to a full high screen alinged with stainless steel rods, with matt slides finished with Monogram motif and polished surfaces sparkling with light reflection.

Level 3: Gallery, VIP Suite and Patio

14_Gallery 2

No Louis Vuitton Maison is furnished without a special space and One Central is no exception. Greeting the guests at the entry are three art pieces – an oil painting of dice titled Lucky by Chen Wenbo and two surreal photographs by Jean Lariviere – to accentuate the spirit of Monte Carlo of the Orient. Antique visuals trace the evolution of modern travel since the inception of the Malletier in 1854, while a 200″ rear projector screen playing the House’s saviour-faire images.

13_Gallery 1

Enclosed by huge striped glass wall, white walls and wood floor, the minimalist gallery has been conceptualized as a platform to exhibit antique and current special-order creations i.e. the Bed Trunk and Stokowski Desk Trunk as homage to Louis Vuitton’s founding philisophy and top-notch skills with over 150 years of refinement. A newly designd manual-intensive Casino Trunk embodies the essence of the exclusive service and suggests the economic backbone of the city.

The jewel of this gallery level is the VIP Suite and Patio designed by Yabu Pushelberg. Measuring 140 square-meters, the VIP Suite commands unobstructed lake and Macau Tower views in a modern, elegant, and luxury setting. An art wall with the Suite hosts a mother-of-pearl inserts, library, sliding screens of glass reeds and linear gilt work to conceal displays and fitting room. Hand-tufted wool and silk carpets, platinum-finish linens and fine dark leather are deployed for an intimate, residential atmosphere. An exclusive elevator transport top clientele from the Ground Floor to the Suite boasting its own washroom and pantry.


Discreetly accessed from the VIP Suite and the Gallery, the 195 square-meter Patio is an effortless and comfortable extension of the indoor parlour. Divided into three areas in navy tones and furnished with custom-made resin furniture and soothing landscape, the Patio has been devised as a relaxing escape atop the bustling world. The exclusiveness of the rooftop garden is also enhanced by a VIP dining area where elegant landscape, hand-crafted furniture – some of which are made from reclaimed wood from Brazil – are installed.

The One Central Maison is the perfect platform to showcase Louis Vuitton’s complete range of luxury products. This flagship Maison in Macau is a testimony to the brand’s continued success and its commitment to luxury, fashion and the arts in Macau.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    does anyone know where the 7 maisons are located? i know Hong Kong has 2 now with this Macau location, San Francisco has 1, New York has 1, Taiwan has 1, Paris of course has 1 but where is #7?? just wondering…

  • Anonymous

    would have to be Tokyo, right?

  • Anonymous

    I think you already answer your own question…

    1. Paris. 2. Hong Kong Canton Road. 3. Hong Kong Landmark. 4. New York. 5. San Francisco. 6. Taipei. 7. Macau…

  • Anonymous

    I do have another question actually. How come Tokyo nor Shanghai weren't categorized as Maison?

    Cuz, I've been Tokyo and Hong Kong Landmark. Both of them are almost the same in term of size.

    Someone told me before, that being categorized as Maison has to have Galery. But Landmark doesn't have Galery, so…. confusing….

  • Bengt

    A store is not categorized as a Maison just because of its size. For a store to be considered a Maison, it must be a global store that carries the entire range of Louis Vuitton products (from RTW, Leathergoods, Shoes, Fine Jewelry, Watches etc.). Also it should have a gallery/exhibition space, VIP Area, bookstore, etc..

    Hope that helped.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Tks BENGT… It's me by the way, George Ju, your fan from FaceBook. Love your Bunny Ear & your Kanye's inspired Glasses…

    Love, GJ

  • Bengt

    ^ Haha.. Thanks.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Landmark has a VIP room and a piece of art (silver sculpture in the middle of the floor).

  • Anonymous

    London!!!!!! a.o

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  • Kim

    How can i apply to work at LV.if i want to work a post as a sales?

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