Louis Vuitton Savoir-Faire Sunglasses Collection 2010: Portrait Gallery

Louis Vuitton has been expressing its expertise in the production of sunglasses since 2005. Like the other products, the eyewear is exclusively manufactured for Louis Vuitton by optical craftsmen from the French region of Morez, the Jura and Italy’s Cadore region. The eyewear is sold exclusively in the Louis Vuitton network. The acetate frames have been developed by hand to obtain the house colors reminiscent of the leather goods lines – crafted by the most experienced of eyeswear makers, LV sunglasses provide a reliable protection against solar UV radiation combining new technology and high quality, the lens benefit from special treatments: Photochromy and Polarization. The finishes on the hinges have been carefully crafted to form perfect LV initials. The styles have been created by a design department using a unique three-dimensional process – designed by Marc Jacobs, the sunglasses line takes its inspiration from the house codes: the Monogram flowers feature in the design for the women’s styles, while the Damier check appears in the collection for men – the Summer 2010 collection takes on a seventies feel with an injection of arty technicolor. It is illustrated by the portrait gallery (shown below) by Parisian and New York trendsetters. The collection is exclusively available from Louis Vuitton stores on March 2010.

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The inspiration for the 2010 SS collection is a blend of the natural world with myriad amazing details contrasted with the technological world of experimentation and innovation. The women’s collection develops the Floral monogram world, taking its inspiration from nature with a language of soft, sinuous lines and volumes, appealing to different types of women: from the elegant woman drawn by the sparkle of stones to the sophisticated seductive woman to the cool, trendy woman.

The men’s collection develops the Damier graphic world, taking its inspiration from avant-garde contemporary architecture and appealing to the classic man, the casual, avant-garde man and the extravagant, egocentric man. This collection is packed with technological content with 3D hinges, original arm end details and pure lines. Colours range from black to honey tortoiseshell to lilac to multicoloured, which is where the “Rainbow“ name for
the collection came from.

Vahina Giocante

Birdy Bell

Joshephine de la Baume

Gildas Loaec

Isabelle McNally

Hailey Gates

Theodora Richards

Olympia Le-Tan

Lucien Smith

Annabelle Dexter-Jones

Chrissie Miller

Daphné Herard


Olivier Zham

Wade Oates

Images via Louis Vuitton