New Vernis Colors for Spring 2010

For Spring 2010, Louis Vuitton will be releasing three new Vernis colors which were inspired by art movements through the ages: Rose Florentin, Vert Impression, and Gris Art Deco. These new colors are softer in comparison to the loud, pop colors of Spring 2009 and will be seen in bags, wallets and small leather goods, and shoes starting January 1, 2010.

Inspired by the Renaissance, a cultural movement that started in Florence, the Rose Florentin is a lovely shade of pale pastel pink which exudes softness and femininity. Its great for pink lovers and those who find Rose Pop a bit too shocking. Available from January to November 2010.

If Vert Tonic was on steroids, Vert Impression is its sober counterpart. This calm greenish yellow color took its name from Impressionism, an art movement that seeks to capture a feeling rather than accurate depiction. Available from January to May 2010.

This steely tranquil gray color inspired by Art Deco of the 1920s exhibits an elegant and glamorous appeal perfect for the evening. This color beautifully compliments the golden brass hardware of the pieces. Really chic! Available from January to November 2010.

Visit your store this New Year and check out the new Vernis colors.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    I am curious if you are familiar with the new colors of the lurex monogram shawls and the new monogram shawls. I was informed that the lurex shawls will introduce a new color (coral) which will be a pinkish orangish with silver threading according to, however will investigating I was able to get two confirmations of this new item however depending on the associate I speak with I tend to get varying answers. If you happen to have an image of any of the new shawls please let me know! Thank you for all your updates and images, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Izzy

    I am liking all but the Vert Impression. Not my fave. Love the other colours, tho

  • Anonymous

    The coin purses are precious!!

  • Behonce

    Lusting over Alma PM in Gris Art Deco……… and the sunset boulevard? mmm……

  • authentic louis vuitton purse

    I am liking all but the Vert Impression. Not my fave. Love the other colours.