Louis Vuitton Fuchsia Courtney

Meet the gorgeous leather version of the Multicolore CourtneyFuchsia Courtney MM! This fabulous new bag is made entirely out of Monogram embossed fuchsia calf leather. Its silhouette is exactly the same as its Multicolore counterpart but differs on the stud placement and the noticeable absence of the leather straps that wraps around the bag. It actually looks much more like the Monogram Stephen bag.

In addition, there’s the Fuchsia Pochette Courtney also made in the supple calf leather with studs.

Fuchsia Courtney MM and Pochette are one-shot pieces and will be only available for six months starting February 1st so if interested, go drop by at your Louis Vuitton store. Prices are as follows:

• Fuchsia Courtney MM – US$3350
• Fuchsia Pochette Courtney – US$1870

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    OMG!!what the dream combination, pink and gold, my favorite colors……. much have for the season!!!

  • Anonymous

    fugly,it looks like a fake lv

  • Anonymous

    its so pretty!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this looks sooo unbelievably tacky… ew.

  • Anonymous

    you're kidding, right?!!
    They're both awesome!!!

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