Louis Vuitton Valentines 2010 Catalog: Men

For the coming Valentine’s Day, here are Louis Vuitton’s picks that would make perfect gifts for your special someone.

Cavalier Cufflinks, US$490.

Tambour Travel Alarm Clock, US$2570. Tambour in Black GMT Automatic, Black Rubber, US$4100.

Large Clous Ring in Yellow Gold, US$2910. Large Clous Ring in White Gold, US$3080. Large Empreinte Pendant in Yellow Gold, US$2780. Small Clous Ring in White Gold, price upon request.

Attitude Sunglasses, US$530. Sasha Clutch in Taiga Leather, price upon request. Damier Graphite Adjustable Wallet, US$595. Imola Moccasin in Taiga Leather, price upon request.

Monogram Spot Tie, US$. 195Confidence Tie, US$195. Champs Elysées Tie Pin, US$340. LV Chess Tie, US$195.

Champs Elysées Black Ring, US$435. Champs Elysées Black Cufflinks US$450. Champs Elysées Pendant PM, US$515. Celeste Tie, US$195.

Epi Brazza Wallet, US$555. Taiga Brazza Wallet, US$555. Damier Ebene Brazza Wallet, US$490. Damier Graphite Brazza Wallet, US$490. Monogram Brazza Wallet, US$490.

Damier Porte-Documents Voyage. Utah Pocket Organizer, US$335. Utah Valeurs Organizer, US$490.

Damier Bob, US$485. Possession Carre Sunglasses, US$560.

LV Initiales Reversible Monogram Belt, US$450. LV Club Key Holder. Monogram Macassar Long Wallet.

Damier Graphite Tadao, US$1420. LV Confidentiel Key Holder, US$310. Damier Graphite Zippy Coin Purse, US$300. Taiga Key Pouch.

LV Initiales Damier Graphite Belt, US$420. Boston Calf Leather Reversible Belt, US$545.

Check It Reversible Bracelet, US$360. Keep It Bracelet Damier Graphite, US$360. Keep It Bracelet Damier Ebene, US$360.

Monogram Macassar Bass PM, US$900. Chicago Compact Trifold, US$520.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    lavvvvvvit….my name is jeff from the philippines…im the first one to have the DAVIS in MACASSAR MONOGRAM here in our country …believe me im a BAGAHOLIC…..maybe you may email me if you have new post pictures etc re: lv…thanks

  • Anonymous

    Correction: Louis Vuitton Keep It bracelet price: $170

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  • Hilda

    Hi! Are those the prices at the boutique? If not, where can i get them a that price? The keep it bracelet.