Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian

Meet the Monogram Cheche Bohemian from Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Named after the ethos of free spirit and nonconformity Bohemian is a great bag for the modern day traveler.

Bohemian is crafted from an innovative fabric obtained through a complex weaving process to create the black-on-beige Monogrammed jacquard fabric with lurex and fluorescent threads weaved through. The bag features a double interior flat pocket and that’s it, you’re left with a spacious compartment ready to be filled in with your personal effects. Bohemian also has exterior details such as an adjustable strap with the Louis Vuitton signature, a brightly colored luggage tag and leather trimmings made from natural cowhide and soft calfskin leather.

On the runway, the Bohemian along with all the other bags were hung with brightly colored leather tassels and fox tail bag charms which swings jauntily as the models walked. These charms are available separately. Follow this link and check them out (you might want to scroll way down).

Monogram Cheche Bohemian measures 16.9″ x 13.4″ x 10.2″ and is available in two colors, Blue and Red. Its available at Louis Vuitton stores for US$2430.

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    Its' ugly, I love Louis Vuitton more than any other brand and I anticipate all of Marc Jacobs upcoming trends and new ideas, but this is horrible… It's not a great fabric to work with and the color scheme is just off, the bag style itself is a hobo, Which Is common and popular, but I think Marc has come off his creativity mind.
    to top it off a high price tag… no thanks Ill hold off and jump ship to another brand like "Chanel's new Cocococoon line"

  • Anonymous

    Its beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    well i love this collection minus the one with the phonecords. it's comfortable, soft and perfect for going through airports without sacrificing branding. it will be a 'fun' casual everyday LV wear.

  • louis vuitton handbags

    this louis vuitton bags it's what i want to use in this summer

    • dianne

      I have this bag,but I want a new moddel so I’m selling mine…

  • Anonymous

    love it!

  • Celeste Bee

    This bag sucks. Get the Tuareg.

  • Anonymous

    I will love it…its will be more comfortable using it…I dislike the leather handles!!

  • Anonymous

    I bought it and I love it! It looks a million times better than in the photos. Very chic for out and about in Cannes.

  • Anonymous

    i want to buy it

  • Anonymous

    Definitely on my wish list!

  • Anonymous

    no bohemian cheche vert?

  • Jen of Made By Girl

    I dont normally like LV, but this one is super pretty!


  • Camila

    Anyone willing to sell this bag? I need the red detail model. Thanks

  • i just bought this bag with the red/pink luggage tag yesterday! its soooo cute ! 😀
    it looks much better than in the pictures. i think its perfect for all year round except for maybe winter.

    • Angelika

      Hi Gina ,
      I Need this Bag:)
      Do You want to sell your Bag?
      Please answer!!!