Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010’s Monogram Eden is a collection of iconic Louis Vuitton pieces that are reinvented to reference the lifestyle of New Age travelers. One of the pieces is the classic Speedy which is crafted from soft and supple lambskin leather that is embroidered with stripes of metallic Monogram canvas which creates a mesmerizing trompe-l’œil’ effect with the iconic motif. But the most noteworthy detail of the Eden Speedy is that for the first time ever, the bag has a removable strap (which is absent from previous reinterpretations), and gives you options on carrying the bag by hand or as a messenger bag.

As for the other details, Eden Speedy features a natural cowhide leather and metallic lambskin trimmings, a zipped closure with padlock, double interior flat pocket, soft microfibre lining and bottom studs for protection. Monogram Eden Speedy measures 9.8″ x 11.4″ x 6.7″. It comes in two colors, Peach and Silver. Its available at Louis Vuitton stores for US$2330.

You could also accessorize the Monogram Eden Speedy like in the runway show. The Rainbow and Circus bag charms are available separately for US$560 each. For photos, visit the post entitled Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Bag Names and Prices + Bag Charms and scroll way down. Photos of the Eden Speedy after the jump…

Images via Louis Vuitton, The Celebrity City


  • Ryan-Brent

    Not sure if I'm a fan of this one yet, much prefer seeing a woman carrying a vintage, worn-in medium-sized Speedy in the classic Monogram. Also the colour of that strap makes no sense to me but anyway, love your blog and love the fashion house.

    Best, Ryan.

  • Anonymous

    me likey

  • Celeste Bee

    Wish it came in 30. 25 is just too small!

  • Anonymous

    I supposed the horizontal strips are shiny? I have to see this IRL… kalahari looks so-so on pics but IRL, the bronze trimming stole the show.

  • totellyhandbags

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  • Anonymous

    This bag is definitely not a size 25, I saw this and the whole line Saturday. It's actually a little larger than a 30 if you were to really compare it. The basic mono speedy 30 measures 11.8 x 8.3 x 6.7, The Eden speedy measures 11.4 x 9.8 x 6.7. It's not quite as long but it more than makes up for that in the height of the bag, over an 1 1/2, the depth is the same. You really need to see this bag in person. It totally changed my opinion of it and that is why my name is on the wait list for it.

  • Anonymous

    I just purchased this bag today at Shops of Wailea, and I absolutely love it! pictures does not do justice for this design. It's classy and love the fact that not alot of people will own this design….I was told that there's only 13 total in Hawaii so it won't be a common design.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE! The stripes tone down the monogram so it's noticeable but subtle & IMO, more refined than the regular mono bags. I have always liked the look of convertible bags, so I am thrilled that it has that wide strap. They look good dangling or cross-body.

    Yeah, I also wondered about the choice of material & color of the strap at first. But there's a fair bit of vachetta leather on each end of the strap for a nice transition to the bag plus the black seatbealt or backpack-style strap adds an element of urban chic and functionality to the bag.

    Looks plenty roomy to me, no matter what size they call it. The "25" designation may have something to do with the proportions rather than just the size & I have always adored the chunky shape of my speedy 25's. To me they look younger, more modern than longer satchels. If this one is shaped the same but larger than the typical 25, that must be all the more reason I immediately liked it.

  • Shelby

    Are all of these pictures from the louis vuitton website? So these are all pictures of the authentic bag?