Order a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Online at LouisVuitton.com

Remember my post about Louis Vuitton’s special personalization service, the Mon Monogram? Before when Louis Vuitton just started this, the service was only offered to various VICs to try out, then later on to everyone who wishes to have their own personalized Louis Vuitton piece.

Until now available only in a limited number of flagship stores worldwide, Mon Monogram will go on-line from 26th January 2010 as part of the brand new PERSONALIZATION section of www.louisvuitton.com, which also provides details of Louis Vuitton’s traditional customization services, including special orders, hot-stamping and painting.

Visitors to the website will be able to click on their choice of up to three initials and vertical or diagonal stripes in a palette of 17 different colours, then simulate how the design they have created – a virtual one-off, given that there are more than 200 million possible combinations – will look on their selected bag, be it the cult Speedy handbag, the historic Keepall travel bag, or the Pégase 55 wheeled cabin case. Beyond the sheer enjoyment of trying out new ideas at a click, the easy-to-use Mon Monogram configurator allows users to save their settings in order to think about their choices for a while or consult a friend by email. It also saves time should they later decide to order their design from a Louis Vuitton store.

Once they are satisfied with the Mon Monogram bag they have created, two options are available: they can order it on-line in countries with an E-SHOPPING facility on their website (France, Italy, Germany, the UK, the US and Japan), or print out the simulation and take it to a Louis Vuitton store offering the Mon Monogram service, details of which are provided by a convenient store locator. Orders are delivered within eight weeks.

Its very easy to create and order your Mon Monogram online, check out this video I made…

Now here’s the Mon Monogram piece I want. A Keepall 45 Bandouliere with an Ivory/Black vertical stripe. I WANT! I WANT!

Visit Louis Vuitton and make your Mon Monogram! For more info, visit my previous post: LOUIS VUITTON MON MONOGRAM SERVICE.

Images via Louis Vuitton