Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010 Womenswear Collection: Bags

When Louis Vuitton introduced the Speedy in 1930, it was designed to meet the demands of a new era of ever-accelerating travel. This was why it had originally been called the Express – quickly earning the name Speedy once its shape had been further streamlined.

Eighty years on, in a world that’s even speedier, where communication is instant and images can circumnavigate the glove at the stroke of a key, don’t we deserve the right to take a moment – event if its only a fashion moment – to appreciate the luxury of quality and craftsmanship?

Which is why the Speedy has been reinterpreted for Fall/Winter 2010-2011: flattened and stretched from east to west, given a new flap and top handle; reincarnated as a doctor’s bag and clutch. The Speedy’s materials have been reconsidered too. The Monogram has been flocked and sequined; woven in metallic threads; remade in Cloqué, and in guipure lace over duchess satin. The Damier pattern has been recreated in fox, shaved goat and handpainted crocodile. And in its simplest form, the Speedy has been rendered in waxed calf and reconfigured as a doctor’s bag in grainy, supply calfskin.

– Louis Vuitton

More photos after the jump… To view the final line-up of the Fall/Winter 2010 collection, check out this post: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010 Bag Names and Prices.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • The Fashionista

    That's a lot of bags right there! Fur and ostrich <3

  • LV fanatic

    Beautiful creations! Just wondering how much it cost….

  • Anonymous

    Impressive! Whrere did you get these pics?

  • Sofia

    Ahh how I love the speedy! So classic, so versatile, so… Well just simply so lovely!

  • SophieeLovesLv

    I think they are ugly…
    i love this org. speedy.

  • Kelly

    They look . . . . . expensive! But nice. Very nice.

  • zoee

    OMG! very coooooooool!

  • lily

    Gorgeous bags and collection.

  • Bagolicious

    Covetable. Adorable. Oozes sophistication and exclusiveness. Finally a collection deserving of LV's luxury label and by far their best collection for ages. Takes them right back to the top of the designer bag league.

  • Anonymous

    Mmmm so much crocodile, ostrich and embroidery. I wonder how much $$$$$ would they cost…

  • Anonymous

    When are these bags launched? And do you know costs?

  • Anonymous

    Hott bags im ready to get one!!!LV is the best !

  • Anonymous

    The come out this septemeber, Cost for a crocodile one is $35 000

  • Anonymous

    i good surgeon, number one!
    i kill yakuza boss on purpose!
    steady hand!

  • Anonymous

    price and quality is same. I love LV! classic and expensive. hopely i can buy it!