Louis Vuitton New Age Traveler

The Louis Vuitton woman for Spring/Summer 2010 is a free spirit, unconventional, and even eccentric. She travels the world breaking free from the bourgeois lifestyle. This woman is geared to life on the road with luxury still running through her veins, opulence apparent in her wardrobe.

The New Age Traveler is at the richest end of this season’s collection. This pieces takes a humble rucksack to unprecedented levels of splendor as its a patchwork of everything luxurious. The bag combines various lurex jacquard woven Monogram fabrics along with exotic skins including crocodile and snakeskin. Also, this bag is abundant of suede leather tassels and headphone cables, and two swinging furry foxtail charms topping it all off.

The craftsmanship of this piece is extraordinary. This extremely complex and over the top bag is the result of many hours of painstaking handiwork. In close inspection, you’ll definitely appreciate Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire, their expertise in handling exotic leathers and unique materials and fabrics.

As tradition every season, Louis Vuitton’s ultimate piece is only available by request with a deposit upon order. New Age Traveler measurs 12.2″ x 20.1″ x 11″, procurable at Louis Vuitton for US$54,500.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Izzy

    I"m kind of liking this bag

  • Anonymous

    marc jacobs is off hes dam rocker, this is ugly and at this price i'd buy a croc birkin, two of them at that woven mostly is a flap croc ,…what a croc.. like hes last patch work bag 40 grand made to order only ten were sold. one being beyonce… not good this thing will do worse.

  • Behonce

    A utter waste of money and time!

  • Anonymous

    Ugly bag in terrible price!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ugly bag in terrible price!!!

  • Anonymous

    Come on. As expensive as a Birkin. And has half the story/glamour/reputation/fascination of this Hermès bag.

  • Anonymous

    I'd definitely rather have this than a Birkin. Birkins are so boring.

  • birkin hater

    oh man..birkin are boooring… mom own 11 birkin…i do not even give a shit if she wanna inherit it to me..i think im gonna sell it online..make profit and get better bag

  • Anonymous

    great bag!

  • Anonymous

    Wow that "bag" it's a HOT mess

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