Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace

The interwebs has been bashing it ever since its photo was released saying its a stupid garbage bag with a ridiculous price tag. I understand that the price is steep but this is no stupid bag, I actually think its witty. Am I the only one who likes/wants this?

Meet the now infamous Raindrop Besace from Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection that was inspired by the lifestyle of the New Age Travelers. This utilitarian “rain bag” combines a luxurious feel with a delightfully practical shape. Though described by its detractors as a cheap plastic bag, the Raindrop Besace is actually made from soft and sumptuous patent lambskin leather which features delicate pleats and printed with vintage Louis Vuitton graphic signature.

Other details include natural cowhide leather trimmings, an adjustable strap with Louis Vuitton signature webbing for comfortable shoulder or cross-body carry, a soft nylon jacquard lining with woven Monogram pattern an interior zipped pocket and a bright orange textile drawstring to change the shape of the bag.

Raindrop Besace measures 18.9″ x 13.4″ x 2.8″ and comes in two colors, Emeraud and Moka. Its available at Louis Vuitton stores for approx. US$2400. I truly love this bag especially the Moka and I wouldn’t mind receiving a complimentary piece… lol. But seriously,  I WANT I WANT I WANT!

More pics below…

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    i love this bag its very different and unexpected from vuitton, a lot of people don't know this but this bag is made by the very same kind of leather the Chanel flap lambskin bags are made of. the lambskin chanel is the more expensive kind of leather compared to the caviar, Vuitton Raindrop sack is all patent lambskin, with the interior being silk monogram hot hot hot.. and the bag is so big how nice of them, the price is perfect i want the green one!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Vinceee

    I still think your review is a tad bit delusional. I'll still to dead animals rather than 2grand polymers.

  • Anonymous

    i love this bad, but for that price it is not worth it. if it was $900-1100 then that was be reasonable, but $2400 for that….c'mon that to me does not look like it can pass for leather. there is no leather on that except for the handle. and i'm going to pay $2400 for the handle to be leather….

    they should lower the price..but overall it's a nice bag if i had the money.

  • Grouppie Kid

    Who wouldn't wanna have this G O R G E O U S BAG??? I want them all!!!

  • SophieLovesLv

    I sooo love this, I will be getting this very soon

  • miriam.zupan@pap-skupina.si

    se puede comprar esta besace moca borsa muy bela

  • Anonymous

    2K for a trash bag? what a crime

  • Anonymous

    QueridoSSSS…foi feito RECALL desta bolsa!
    Nao existe NENHUMA disponivel no momento em todo o mundo.PODE SER que volte,sera por que?!!!

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    I love this lv bag.