Video: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010 Womenswear Collection


  • Anonymous


  • hezly

    beautiful.marc does it again he revisited the oldies look with such a dramatic and elegant but yet its look very extavagant and couturier.the handbags… well what more can i say.classic dimensional shape with great monogram pattern reinvent and it stands for ladies that seeking for endless luxury statement.

  • Bengt

    According to Karen Kooper: "The show celebrated the Speedy bag, it has been reincarnated as a doctor bag for the Fall 2010."

    Its such a beautiful collection. Wonderful cast as well.

  • hezly

    bengt,u should really get an invitation for every fashion show.its pity that the lvmh doesnt see all of your hardwork for making this blog and running this for free to publicist their BRAND and to show how much you appreciate their work rather than the typical fashionista

  • The Fashionista


  • Anonymous

    Stunning show, elegant, sophisticated yet relaxed. Wonderful to see beauties like Elle, Adriana, Natasha, Lara, Lily and Laetita all in LV. Great show Marc, really exquisite.

    – Proenza

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loved the new collection. So elegant and sophisticated – much better than the Spring/Summer range. Very Audrey Hepburn. Would love it all (if I had the money)!

  • inaali

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Can't wait for the collection to hit the stores!!!!!

    Classy collection!

  • Anonymous

    i love louis vuitton wears!!!