Louis Vuitton Celebrates Earth Day

Louis Vuitton North America, Inc. today announced that in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, 10% of all sales purchased on the company’s U.S. website, www.louisvuitton.com on April 22nd, 2010 will be donated to Global Green USA (www.globalgreen.org). The donation to Global Green will support their Green Schools Initiative, focused on greening K-12 schools in several major United States cities including New Orleans and Los Angeles.

In addition to partnering with Global Green, Louis Vuitton continues to raise environmental awareness and promote accountability on www.louisvuitton.com and at louisvuitton_us on Twitter. Starting April 16th, Louis Vuitton will share messages from key influencers detailing their own personal steps to protect the environment; Zoe Saldana, Rashida Zones, Abbie Cornish, Pharrell Williams, Andre Balazs, Jeffrey Deitch, Rachel Zoe, Nina Garcia, Andre Leon Talley, and Antoine Arnault among others will illustrate how even simple actions make big differences.

“Louis Vuitton is actively committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainable development. Over the past several years, we have voluntarily made efforts to reduce the impact of the company’s activities on the environment,” said Daniel Lalonde, President and CEO of Louis Vuitton North America. “We are proud to be able to celebrate Earth Day with a concrete initiative through our support of Global Green, and to encourage a national discussion on climate change.”

Global Green USA is working to create healthy green schools in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and cities throughout the country with its national Green Schools Initiative. Today most cash-strapped schools spend more money on electricity than on books and computers. For the past five years, Global Green has worked with the Los Angeles Unified School District to insure that the largest new school construction project in the country is built to healthy, green standards. When Global Green expanded its effort in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, schools became a critical component of the rebuilding efforts there. As a direct result of Global Green’s Green Schools Initiative, tens of thousands of students from overcrowded and rundown schools across the U.S. now attend classes in healthy classrooms in state-of-the-art green schools.

“Global Green USA is grateful for Louis Vuitton’s support of our green school initiative on Earth Day,” said President and CEO Matt Petersen. “Today, a majority of students and teachers in the US spend their days in unhealthy schools that waste energy and money while having poor air quality. Every school in every neighborhood in America can and must become healthy, green buildings that create green jobs, save money and inspire our children about innovative solutions to climate change and today’s environmental challenges.”

Image via Louis Vuitton


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