Preview: New Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Color – Rouge Fauviste

Starting August 1st 2010, a new color will be added to the Monogram Vernis collection… the Rouge Fauviste. This new color is like a hue between of Pomme d’Amour and Amarante, a cranberry-ish color. Rouge Fauviste is a seasonal color and will be available for 12 months. Here are the list of leather goods that will have a Rouge Fauviste version:

• Alma BB, PM & MM
• Wilshire Blvd. MM & GM
• Sunset Boulevard
• Pochette Sobe
• Pershing Square (a Poche Documents-like clutch)
• Mullholland PM, MM & GM (a new bag)
• Agenda Fontionnel PM
• Pegase 45
• Sarah Wallet
• Viennois Wallet
• Zippy Wallet
• Zippy Coin Purse
• Multicles
• Envelope Carte de Visite

In other news, Alma BB and Wilshire Blvd. will soon be released in classic Monogram Canvas which will also be released by August 1st.

Do you like the new color?

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    OMG! its beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Is this the cranberry?

  • Bengt

    Yes, it is. Its what's rumored to be the Cranberry.

  • Anonymous

    nice color

  • Jonathan

    I think it looks like violet

  • LVgirl

    This color is Beautiful!!! Great color for anytime!

  • Charlene

    Necessarily a must have. Patent leather in the color of burgundy. I like this color. This is the new purple…

  • Stephanie

    Yeah, looks like a deeper violet.

  • Anonymous

    love the color,but nothing exciting about alma or brea!why they won't make some other styles?

  • Anonymous

    it's being released on a sunday? what a weird day. but i guess they want it to be the first day of the month. i'm definitely going to my local LV to see this new vernis color! but it makes me sad that it's a seasonal color. i'm definitely picking up a piece.

  • Anonymous

    Nice color! I'm curious how does Mullholland PM, MM & GM look like?

  • Anonymous

    do you know whether it'll be released in Alma BB as well?

  • Bengt

    ^ Unfortunately it won't be in Alma BB.

  • Anonymous

    I still prefer the amarante….

  • Anonymous

    @Bengt: I'm sorry but Alma BB WILL be available in Rouge Fauviste this August as well. I have seen the press pic of it like 2 months ago.

  • Bengt

    Oh really? That's great! I guess I missed it while taking my notes.
    Thanks for the heads up! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I've seen this color in person in the heels and it's beautiful!! Can't wait to see the bags!

  • Anonymous

    any other new vernis colors besides this? any lighter colors? thanks

  • Bengt

    Rouge Fauviste is the only color that will be released for Fall 2010. But by Cruise 2011 (Nov), there will be 3 new colors: an ivory, navy blue, and dark brown. 🙂

  • T.O.N.Y.

    I love the new color! After seeing this posting, I surprised my girlfriend with the claudia open toe pumps this past thursday. (no occasion by the way). And the salesman said I was the first to buy them. Its her 1st pair of LV shoes. She cant stop thanking me. THANK YOU ILVOELV!!!

  • Anonymous

    is the multicles the same as a cles?

  • Anonymous

    i'm on the List for the Wilshire an the agenda an I already got the bracelet.
    I love the color!

  • Domenique

    Is it comin in brea too i love this color i love the patent all together

  • Anonymous


  • Stacey

    I just bought the Alma PM in Rouge Fauvist! Love love love the bag! The design is just so iconic!

    • Kathy

      I have also just bought the Alma Bag in Roughe Fauvist, comments says is is here for 12 months, does this apply to the shoes as I have just tried to buy a pair and have been told they are no longer being sold!!! truetns

  • Agnes

    I just bought the Alma in Rouge Fauviste…but I am confused between the Blue Nuit or that one..which one is better, do u think??? Please leave comments!1 Thanks =D