First Look: New Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim

If you’re wondering what would be the fate of the Monogram Denim collection as Louis Vuitton has slowly halted its production and availability for the past few seasons, wonder no more. Here’s your first look to the redesigned Monogram Denim.

Louis Vuitton has moved on from the jeans look and adapted the sun-bleached dégradé effect from the Spring/Summer 2010 runway bags. Also, the shape of the new bags looks really practical for everyday use.

Before I’ve seen these photos, I imagined the new designs to be somewhat similar to the Sunshine/Sunrise, but unfortunately in my opinion, they look kinda flat and boxy. Some pleats would’ve been nice. What do you think?


Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Géraldine

    Anyway I'm not a big fan of Denim collection, I prefered the oldest ones in black and grey..

  • Bagaholicboy

    The shoulder tote looks promising actually, need to see it up close to be really sure though.

  • xtreme NO

    These will look beautiful on the shoulders…nice bags..

  • Anonymous

    I hate the shoulder bag, but the tote looks good.
    And I agree about them being boxy, and pleats would be quite nice addition to the tote's design.

  • gabbi

    i don't like them at all. i love the denim that i have already: the mini pleaty in blue, the slightly denim in black, and the mini zippy wallet in blue.

  • Anna

    What are the prices of these bags and when will they be released? I love the old denim, but these look promising and more designed for everyday use. I like it,can't wait to see it in person.

  • Bengt

    ^ September 1st.
    As for the prices, they're between $1600 – $2800.
    I'll be updating this post within the next few days.