Louis Vuitton Monogram Hexagone Néo Sporty

After the highly successful Monogram Hexagone from Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2009 Menswear collection, a new piece is created for Louis Vuitton collectors: The Monogram Hexagone Neo Sporty. This exceptional piece testifies to Louis Vuitton’s incredible savoir-faire: the bag is created using a precision patchwork technique to coordinate the different patterns while retaining all the softness, roundness and lightness of the classic Monogram canvas. Its soccer ball patchwork is also befitting for the 2010 FIFA World Cup (which just recently ended). Néo Sporty’s shape makes it perfect for the city as well as a sports or travel bag.

Monogram Hexagone is a very exclusive piece which is limited to only 100 pieces. Each bag is numbered which makes the bag highly covetable. If you’re planning on hunting for this piece, be sure to have US$6850 in hand. Good luck!

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Chiyel


  • Anonymous

    Only 100? This is so hot!

  • Anonymous

    when is this due out? i need to fly out to France to get one!

  • Anonymous

    by the way, i will fly out to france because the difference in Philippines and France will pay for my ticket! I called the temporary Greenbelt 5 shop (formerly Greenbelt 4, but they are renovating the old space to expand, NOT SIDEWAYS, BUT DOWNWARDS, EATING UP A BIG CHUNK OF GREENBELT BASEMENT FOR THEIR EXPANSION!) anyway, this bag is 376,000 pesos, about 50,000 more expensive than it would be in Europe.

  • Bengt

    ^ Its been out since June. Have you already secured this bag in France?

  • GGG3

    GJ, can you get this bag for me? You know who I am….. ha ha….

  • Anonymous

    I have to find this bag. I am still hunting. 6 countries down.

  • monogram

    Come to Milan, there are 2 available at Monte Napoleone store.

  • Anonymous

    I have got this bag and it was absolutely appalling. It broke within two days and why would you want it? It is just now I have found out how ugly it is.

  • Anonymous

    The bag broke? which part & what exactly happened?

  • Anonymous

    I think he used it as a football that's why it broke. LOL

  • Anonymous

    It's only 100 pieces available. It's beautiful. Inside and out. Lvoe the leather on the inside, just like the revelation. Mine is no. 93. If u want it better hurry.

    • David Kamler


      Can you send me a picture of the tag which has the limited edition written on it with the number? I tried unsuccessfully to purchase this bag as even though I found it in 3 countries, they wouldn’t ship to me :(. I have left my email address as well. Thanks again, Dave

  • Anonymous

    Where did you buy yours from?

  • Anonymous

    My no. 93? From Singapore.

  • Anonymous

    can someone let me know if they find one at their local store…thanks

  • Anonymous

    Not quite into monograms but this I would make an exception for this!