One of my goals in ILVOELV is to make your browsing experience easy and enjoyable. That’s why I have redesigned to make it great for desktop viewing. But if you’re browsing using a mobile device, it might be quite frustrating to navigate the site due to the device’s limited screen real estate. Starting today, this won’t be an issue anymore. I am proud to introduce the mobile version of ILVOELV.

ILVOELV for Mobile is streamlined and is designed to be viewed from popular touch-based mobile devices like iPhone™, iPod touch™, Android™, Palm™ Pre/Pixi, and BlackBerry Storm™.

How to get it? Well, there’s really nothing to do on your part. Just open the your device’s browser and type in ILVOELV is then loaded and automatically optimized for viewing in your mobile device.

For iPhone users, would it be great to have ILVOELV right on your iPhone’s home page? That’s why I’ve come up with this great solution… the ILVOELV Web App. If you feel like visiting ILVOELV, just tap the ILVOELV icon and the ILVOELV App will launch. It’s really easy! It’s great for those who are on the go and needs to have their daily dose of LV news.

You can get the ILVOELV Web App right on your device. Just follow this video instruction:

I hope you’d enjoy browsing ILVOELV on your mobile device with these new features!

Images via Bengt Enrique / ILVOELV


  • TIM

    This is soooo cool!

  • ezrajane

    I love your wallpaper! I hope you have that as a giveaway like the Monogram Empriente ones! jejejeje

  • Lovely


  • Chiyele.

    Woah, that was great! I I already have it.

  • yemihma

    That’s great! now i can check out the latest in ILVOELV in no time!

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  • Xyla

    WOAH!! awesome! nice one Bengt!

  • amhimey

    YAAAAY!!!!!!! thanks Bengt!

  • euqirne

    I LOVE IT!!

  • Daneil

    omg i need the richard prince wallpaper!!!!! pleasssse!