Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 Accessory List

Its here!’s seasonal Accessory Report or more like an Accessory List, this time curated by senior market editor Marina Larroude. The list is huge! sure have gone above and beyond! Below are the the Louis Vuitton accessories which includes clutches and a few sandals.

Tri-colored Patent Clutch with perforated LV logo. It features a squeeze-to-open clasp (similar to the Slim Clutch by Sofia Coppola) and a patent leather luggage tag, both covered with rhinestones

Tri-colored Beaded (?) Clutch. I’m not sure if those are beads though… it looks like leather.

This clutch is beautiful. It’s made from the similar material as the clutch above, and if you look at it closely, it really does look like leather… most probably Stingray. The clutch is then covered in a patchwork of flowers made from Ostrich leather with bits of rhinestones.

Taking the same silhouette as the patent clutch above, this is my favorite piece in this list. Its body is made from Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas that is sequined to form the zebra pattern. The clutch features karung piping, a leather flap with a metal frame, and a rhinestone-studded leather luggage tag. Really nice!

I think this is really cute. This leather and suede clutch features a golden brass frame on its flap and letters forming VUITTON on the bag’s suede body.

This one is takes design elements from the Les Extraordinaires Monogram Guipure bag from Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection. This clutch features a lace forming the an elaborate Monogram pattern covering the body and flap.

Check out the rest of the accessories from the gallery below…

Images via Style


  • YAWN!! Where is my KALAHARI!!!????

    This collection of clutches tell women to carry less stuff, as compared to 2009 where hobos dominate the market and every other girl out there was lugging around their kitchen sink from Manhattan to Colombo!

  • Anonymous

    the clutches you thought were beaded (#2 + #3) are actually stingray skin.

  • Anonymous

    Beaded clutch might be stingray!