Monogram Vernis + Leopard = ?

In my previous post about the new colors of the ever popular Leopard Stole, I mentioned that there’s a reason why they match those of the Monogram Vernis. Well, the reason is simple. They combine.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the glossy Monogram Vernis combines with the wild Leopard print by Stephen Sprouse? The result would be undoubtedly fabulous! Introducing the Monogram Vernis Leopard! It’s the same sophisticated Monogram Vernis patent leather we love, but with a kick of Leopard print!

Monogram Vernis Leopard will be available in small leather goods like the Zippy Wallet, Zippy Coin Purse, and Heart Coin Purse, and some shoes. They’re expected to be released January next year in three colors: Bleu Infini, Blanc Corail, and Rouge Fauviste.

But if you’re not into Vernis and would love to have Leopard print SLGs, then there’s the classic Monogram Canvas wallets that will have Leopard print in its interior lining! More on that soon.

What do you think of the new Monogram Vernis Leopard?

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Hanna

    I am loving this!

  • Bren

    These are nice!!! The first new product to catch my attention. I’ll have to inquire about these to my LV rep.

  • keli


  • Was actually hoping for some bags from the Monogram Vernis Leopard line.

    Oh well, we can only hope for so much……

  • Honestly, its nice but when are they going to come out with a new artist collaboration? How many times ares they going to revamp the sprouse collection and make what was once collectible not so collectible? This is a cool concept but I am dying to see something new! Like Takashi Murakami type artistry new! Thanks LV. 🙂

  • LHVM

    Well, it look very much like cheap LV copy product in my opinion and pretty much getting tired of seen collaboration with same artists… dying to see something unique collaboration with DIFFERENT Artists not the same artists!!!

  • Kevin

    How much will these cost?

  • jesse

    u people are idiots steven sprouse died …louis vuitton is keeping his legacy alive by revamping new collections. the multi color mon collection was created by takashi and is a perm line, just as the leopard print this is a great collection and is exclusive any one would be lucky to have one of these wallets before the go extinct !!! unless your one of those customers who only buy classic crap that everyone else has.

    • PassionateLVcollector

      Well said Jesse!

  • PassionateLVcollector

    I have just been lucky enough to purchase the new Monogram Vernis Zippy Leopard Wallet, in the stunning new Bleu Infini colourway.
    Quite simply, it’s stunning.
    The ivory colour, with the beautiful midnight blue background has a stunning pearlised gloss through it, that really catches the light. Wonderful to say the least.
    I for one, hope that LV DOES keep the Stephen Sprouse legacy alive.
    He was a genius designer & through LV we are fortunate enough to have a piece of fashion history.

  • Jennifer

    I purchased the keychain and the stole, adore them. When do the shoes come out?