New Louis Vuitton Leopard Stole Colors for Spring/Summer 2011

Here’s another color update for you guys!

Louis Vuitton will be adding three new colors to the popular Leopard Stole starting January next year with two similar to the new Monogram Vernis colors that I have posted earlier. You’ll know why in my next update…

So on to the new colors. First is the Rouge Fauviste having Purple/Green leopard pattern over a Cranberry background. Then there’s the Blanc Corail with Pink/Burgundy leopard pattern over a Cream background. And lastly the Bleu Infini with Light Green/Teal leopard over Dark Blue background.

Also, these three new colors will also be available in Leopard Bandeaus.

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Fan

    I was told there are pareos made of 100% cotton. Not cashmere & silk stole.

    • chestnut

      I saw them in the store yesterday. They’re indeed made of cotton, not cashmere & silk stole.

      • Rachel

        Are they as effective as the cashmere and silk stoles? Can they be worn around the neck and are they as long as the usual stoles?

      • Tobias


        Are you sure, they are made Out of 100% cotton?

  • Mel

    Really?? Are you sure they aren’t making the same colours in the stoles also??