Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Bag Names and Prices

Louis Vuitton has gone on a head trip for Spring 2011. “It’s a rhapsody of three virtual scenarios for a digital bohemian, a man who travels the world from behind his computer screen” says Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Studio Director Paul Helbers under the artistic direction of Marc Jacobs.

This season’s bags are inspired by active sport are the perfect match with the ready-to-wear. They come with ingenuous details such as numerous straps and handles, zips and convenient pockets.

Washed denim tote styles, with either LV Monogram large scale or “Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage” archive signature bring a military feel to the collection. Lastly Louis Vuitton’s Utah leather is personalized by tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Check out the bags below!

Damier Aventure

Both lightweight and functional, the Damier Aventure bags are made from super light nylon material. It’s totally foldable and packable into the pouch that comes with the bag. Damier Aventure as part of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection will then be included into Louis Vuitton’s permanent Men’s collection.

Louis Vuitton Damier Aventure Practical
Damier Aventure Practical
Price: US$1070
Size: 23.2″ x 11.8″ x 11.8″
Colors: Bleu, Graphite

Monogram Impression

It’s the Monogram Denim for men. The gorgeous Monogram Impression is crafted out of a denim fabric which underwent a special weaving technique giving it a vintage, worn out look. Also, the fabric was went through a waterproofing treatment – though not completely waterproof – would be a nice feature to these fabric bags.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Impression Besace
Monogram Impression Besace
Size: 19.7″ x 15″
Price: US$1580

Louis Vuitton Monogram Impression Sac Weekend
Monogram Impression Sac Weekend
Size: 25.2″ x 16.5″
Price: US$2850

Articles de Voyage

Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s early advertisements, the bags from the Articles de Voyage collection are crafted from top quality denim material that’s been specially treated to achieve the vintage military look.

Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage Cabas Denim
Articles de Voyage Cabas Denim
Price: US$3150
Size: 20.9″ x 17.7″
Colors: Argile (clay), Kaki

Utah Leather

If last year’s Spring/Summer collection was about the Taiga, this season, Utah takes the center stage. Utah leather interpreted in streamlined and sophisticated silhouettes, a deviation from its usual rugged cowboy appeal.

Louis Vuitton Utah Cabas Zippe Basalte
Utah Cabas Zippé
Price: US$3150
Size: 19.7″ x 15.7″
Color: Basalte

Louis Vuitton Utah Sac Weekend Basalte
Utah Sac Weekend
Price: US$3450
Size: 25.2″ x 16.5″
Color: Basalte

Utah Tattoo

One of the stand-out pieces from the collection, the Utah Tattoo Néo Greenwich made from Louis Vuitton’s premium Utah leather is the result of the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and tattoo artist Scott Campbell. This travel bag features a unique tattoo design created using a high-tech laser perforation technique.

Louis Vuitton Utah Neo Greenwich Tattoo
Utah Tattoo Néo Greenwich
Size: 19.7″ x 11″
Price: US$7500
Color: Basalte

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Images via Louis Vuitton


  • dg

    Thanks for the wonderful information. You mentioned that Damier Adventure will be permanent. Will the exact bags be permanent or a different design or colour? Otherwise, makes no sense to get the Practicals, me think.

    • As far as I know the Damier Aventure Practical will remain permanent. 🙂

      • dg

        Ok thanks. This changes my priority. Thought of getting the Practicals first but looks like I can now wait and see. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Guest

    Thank you for the update. Do you have also information about and pictures of men’s slg, shoes and accessories? Will you do a separate post for them?

    • Yup I do, but I will be doing another post dedicated to those pieces. 🙂
      They’ll be up probably within the week.

  • dg

    One more question, do you have the launch dates for each of the collection above?

    • There’s no actual release date yet but the tentative date is 15 February. 🙂

  • Maxim

    i just wondered if there’s one missing?
    I Saw on the catwalk a duffle bag in darmier graphite!?!
    And i talked to LV about it, so I’d like to now anything bout it.

  • LVlvoer

    Wow they are all not cute…I am not impressed

  • Monogram

    Thank you Bengt for the info. I probably get Monogram Impression sac weekend or Articles de Voyage Cabas denim. Unfortunately, Damier Aventure doesn’t me feel “adventurous” enough to buy.

  • Walter Schumacher 714.662.6909

    All of these bags are awesome! If you have any interest in any of these bags give me a call.
    Louis Vuitton
    South Coast Plaza

    • Komkrich

      Hello if you have any of those bags and want to sale for second hand please let me know

  • soulshui

    thank you for the update! been waiting for ages! 🙂

  • Vanessa thompson

    I love exclusive design! It’s really great!

  • James

    The Utah leather pieces are great!
    I wish Louis Vuitton would release these bags in black. Despite the photos, the actual color of basalte is a gray/blue. I went to my local botique to purchase the Utah Omaha, assuming it would be black like in the photos and I was disappointed when they pulled it out and it was blue!

    Can’t wait to see the accessories!
    Any chance of posting them soon?

  • Doris

    The Utah Tattoo bag ist just so awesome. I heard it was designed for men, but I bet women will love it too.

  • Jason

    Hi bengt.. Just to ask.. There is a green color damier nylon tote/messenger for guys in this collection that is not shown here. Just wondering if it will be launched?

    • Hi Jason. Unfortunately, the green won’t be released. Only the blue and black as shown in this post.

      • Jason

        Thanks for providing the information.. Feeling disappointed though..

  • Jason

    Is the blue and black nylon bag shown here actually the men tote with leather base? This bag seems more like a gym bag than the tote bag tt i saw on the runway collection.

    Hope u can enlighten mi. Thanks bengt

  • Jason

    Is the blue and black nylon bag shown here actually the men tote with leather base? This bag seems more like a gym bag than the tote bag tt i saw on the runway collection. Hope u can enlighten mi. Thanks bengt

    • Hi Jason. The bags posted here are different from the totes with leather base. They’re duffles.
      Here’s a pic of the Damier Aventure Practical from the runway show: http://www.ilvoelv.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/LV037.jpg

      • Jason

        Hi bengt.. Thanks for the clarification. Any idea if the tote with leather base will be launched? If so, wat colors will be available. Thanks

        • No, unfortunately, the totes will not be released. Just the duffle.

  • Refa Koetin

    Hi. Thanks for the very useful and detailed information. Looking forward for your next posts.

  • Jay

    i don’t think the prices here are accurate, since the weekend is U$D 2850, right?

    • Yes, the prices in this post was from before the recent price increase.
      But I’ll update it soon. 🙂

    • I just updated all the prices (post-price increase).

  • Jay

    grr.. lol

    but how did the price ‘adjustment’ affect items that WERENT out yet?

  • That is a very good selection of very stylish bags, although most are out of my price range, unfortunately.

  • LVlover

    I cannot believe they have the audacity to charge over £1000 for a nylon bag?? foldable no less…. i am a fan but boy LV no longer represents Luxe…..more lack lustre….. leave the nylon to Prada, which incidentally does better looking ranges than LV….

  • Macassar

    I’m with LVlover…a nylon bag…REALLY!?! The duffel reminds me of my home economics project back in the early 80s. If I can make one of those, should I feel good about purchasing one for over a thousand bucks?

  • Eduardo

    Love the tattoo bag.
    I´ve just seen that there´s lucky dude that boughtone of it in Brazil.
    Amazing: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=374985154948&set=t.1008459629&type=1

  • Matthew