Amble iPhone App by Louis Vuitton

“See the world through the eyes of Louis Vuitton”

This is the invitation extended by Louis Vuitton, the inventor of the art du voyage, whose acclaimed City Guides have been published since 1998, to elegant travellers everywhere with the birth of Amble, the first ever Louis Vuitton iPhone application launched in association with Apple. The Amble application interacts with the dedicated Amble website, enabling travellers to prepare their journey on their computer or iPad.

Having pioneered luxury in the digital era with the launch of a corporate website as early as 1997 and, more recently, the streaming of runway shows and major events live on Facebook, Louis Vuitton is innovating once again with this ground-breaking application conceived as a digital travel diary, an unprecedented and truly emotional experience designing the memory of travel. Far more than a stylish showcase, the Amble draws on its established expertise to offer an array of features designed not merely to facilitate travel, but to transform it into an enriching personal experience.

Amble is an invitation to explore the world at a leisurely pace, making serendipitous discoveries, and then to record them on your iPhone in photo, video, audio or note format. A restaurant where you have just enjoyed a wonderful meal, a store where you have uncovered an unusual artefact, a gallery where you have made an inspiring discovery, a street where you have had an unexpected encounter… Each moment, each memory can become part of your personal itinerary, recorded in the “My Amble” section of the application.

The Amble application draws on the treasure trove of information provided by Louis Vuitton City Guides, long a loyal companion of seasoned travellers. Addresses are provided free with Amble for various cities covered by the guides, while the full Louis Vuitton City Guide content – famous for its vibrant style and unrivalled listings – can be purchased from iTunes for selected cities (currently priced at US$14.99 each). In addition, at any time during their Amble, users can click on the “Around Me” icon, an ergonomic interface using the GPS iPhone facilities, in order to discover places of interest near to their position thanks to augmented reality.

The Louis Vuitton app also offers users the opportunity to share their favourite “spots” along their journeys with their friends via email, Facebook or Twitter, as well as to submit them to Louis Vuitton, where they may be published on the website, enhancing the experience of fellow travellers and creating a global community of elegant Amblers. In need of inspiration? Then, for the world’s major cities, celebrity friends of Louis Vuitton suggest their own favourite Ambles.

Amble is available in English, and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store starting February 2011. Click here to download!

Images via Louis Vuitton


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    Your blog is wonderful and Louis Vuitton is a great company. They are the at the forefront of fashion, creating a fun, versatile and dynamic world for us to live in. They make great efforts to preserve the art of hand craftmanship, to protect our environment and act in honest ways. Thank you for keeping us up to date with what is going on in the world of LV, you are the best!