Discover Luxury Mart

Hawaii-based Luxury Mart is a premier online destination for buying, selling, and consigning pre-owned authentic luxury goods. They offer an assortment of inventory which includes Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, Christian Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Tiffany, and other premier designers.

With Luxury Mart, you’re rest assured that the item you buy is guaranteed authentic. My Poupette – a trusted designer authentication and appraisal service – even referred them as one of their trusted sellers.

Consigning with Luxury Mart

Consigning with Luxury Mart is hassle free and it’s a great way to earn money from your luxury items. They created a streamlined consignment process for your convenience:

• Email photos of the item(s) you wish to consign to with the description of the item(s) condition and noting if it includes the receipt, dustbag, box, cards/tags.
• Luxury Mart will then reply within 24 hours, often times immediately, with a contract and their suggested resale price of your item(s) based on their research, prior sales and the market.
• If you accept the terms, email back your full name, mailing address, and phone number.
• Your information will be added and your final contract will be emailed to you.
• Print and include a signed original contract with your item(s).
• Once the item(s) are received, you will be mailed a corporate check to cover the shipping costs.
• Luxury Mart will then photograph and list your goods exclusively on their website.

Once your item(s) are sold, you will be notified and a corporate check will then be mailed. Luxury Mart takes a flat rate commission of only 25% with no additional fees. Therefore you will receive 75% of the final sale price!

If you’re not into consigning and want to sell your items and receive payment immediately, Luxury Mart also buys items outright. Just send them an email with the photos of the item you wish to sell and they will send you a quote within 24 hours.

For more information about Luxury Mart, visit their website at To receive updates on new arrivals and specials, be sure to like their Facebook Page. You may also contact them at


Image via Bengt Enrique / ILVOELV for Luxury Mart


  • Jay

    thats crazy… im from mililani…. must check this out

  • Hi Jay,
    We look forward to helping you.
    Please be sure to join our Facebook group, we have many new items on the way.

  • Hanna

    Thanks for this. I’m planning on selling my old Monograms.

  • Hi Hanna,

    We look forward to assisting you!

  • Justin

    I was tempted and then I read the fine prints. Funny how you didn’t mention any of these fees in your post….

    * $75 per month (includes up to 60 item listings)
    * $0.30 for 75 or more items listed in your shop
    * A one time per item 0.30 cent upload fee
    * 6.0% Selling Fee
    * Application Fee: $75.00

  • Hi Justin,

    We invite you to consign your authentic goods with us.

    The above quotes are only applicable for sellers.

    For consignment we take a flat 25%.

    We look forward to assisting you.