Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011 Womenswear Collection – Bags

“Their bag of tricks this season was the reinterpreted 1958 top-handle Lockit bag, sometimes affixed to the models’ wrists with diamond handcuffs. We know of very few designers who can simultaneously pump out the product—in this case, many multi-thousand-dollar luxury handbags—and provoke like Jacobs can.” – Nicole Phelps, Style.com

Monogram Canvas

Is it just the lighting or does these bags really look quite glossy? Lockits come in various shapes including top handles and a few framed clutches.


I love these pieces, especially the large top handle (first photo below). The clutches feature a unique horizontal handle and black trims. Notice the clochette (key holder)? It’s like a half-done trompe-l’œil effect. Really nice!

Monogram Embroidered Calfskin

Similar to the larger pieces above, these bags come embroidered with the Monogram pattern.

Monogram Fabric

I’m not sure if these are made from nylon, satin or some kind of fabric. But they’re really nice and definitely lightweight.

Shearling Embroidered Monogram Vernis

How cool are these bags? The glossy Monogram Vernis is embroidered with what looks like shearling. It sure does adds texture and definition to these pieces.


Adorable! These bags remind me of teddy bears! The Lockits are made from plush shearling (I think), with some of the bags having diamond Damier-esque pattern.


These bags are basically the same as the Calfskin bags above, but this time interpreted in luxurious Python.


These are definitely the most gorgeous and luxurious bags in this collection. The Lockit is interpreted in rich-colored Crocodile leather and comes in tiny top handles and clutches. The chain details gives these pieces a tough and naughty vibe.


Monogram Guipure (Monogram lace over satin) from Fall 2010 makes a comeback. Also this lovely gold clutch. So chic!

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • nvie

    Argh….I’ve died and gone to LV heaven! Love the clutches!

  • Anonymous

    the golden one is absolutely gorgeous!!! and the shearling one without LV pattern is cute. the bad from 11 F/W are versatile.

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  • I love your stile.!

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    I love Louis vuittons bags, but i don’t got the money………..:-(((

  • Wiv

    I love Louis vuittons bags, but i don’t got the money………..:-(((r

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    I love LUV bags……..